Tips for the day after New Year 2018

You may have thought the title above suggested something else, but we just wanted to give you a list of things you can do in Belgrade when the party is over and the new 2018 rolls out.

Tips for the day after New Year 2018

During the New Year holidays, so many tourists flock to this famous Belgrade, the city they’ve heard so much of for years and years, so many praises and even some mythical stories, and quite justly, they all had the impression that Belgrade is the place you need to be in during the New Year celebration, at least once in a lifetime. This is why there are so many younger tourists from all across Europe, already bored with Amsterdam, Paris, Prague, Berlin and other popular New Year party destinations, who decide to visit Belgrade in this period.

Some of them have already organized themselves to spend the New Year party in some of the cafés, night clubs or private parties, however, most young tourists who come to Belgrade looking for great partying, have no particular plan in mind and they just go with the flow. Thousands of young people typically gather around somewhere in early evening and start roaming the streets and squares, looking for the type of party they find appealing. Once they find something suitable, they will stay there until the break of dawn and ultimately „crawl back“ to their homes and comfortable beds, where they will recover the strength for the new day and the new year that is waiting for them.

However, when this 1st January starts (usually at noon, or even later, who knows?), one may often ask:“Ok, now what?“, as most people simply just do nothing on this 1st January. Based on the experience from previous years and the aim to place Belgrade as high as possible in the New Year tourist destination map, Belgrade tourist authorities set out to organize numerous activities throughout January, and depending on your age and preferences, we’re sure you’ll find something interesting for you.

And as always, all Belgrade residents and its guests will now have the opportunity to enjoy, now considered traditional, the Street of Open Heart, which comes to life on the first day of the year, in the area between the Republic Square and Knez Mihajlova street. Also, in the Vracar area, between 4-28 January the event „Christmas Village at the Temple“ will feature entertaining and educational program intended for the youngest visitors, and the primary goal is to make children familiar with some of the traditions and holidays in Serbia, such as the Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Christmas cake, Family saints day, St. Sava legacy... For all those who are fond of archery and the ones who would like to know in more detail what Kalemegdan Fortress has to offer, in the period 10-11 January, there will be an event „Gornji grad: Archery weekend“ where you can take part in the competition and enjoy the free program for everyone where you can visit all the open premises of the Belgrade Fortress.

vitesko_plivanje_za_bogojavljenski krst_2018

An interesting traditional event will take place on 18 January near the Nebojsa Tower, organized by the Royal Knight Order, the third „Knight Swimming Contest for the Epiphany Holy Cross“. This traditional event is very popular among both the visitors from Serbia and abroad, as it provides us with the unforgettable atmosphere of medieval Serbia. Don’t forget, of course, thousands of clubs, cafes, river clubs, restaurants where each night you’ll be „repeating“ the counting down to New Year celebration – you know this is all about – crazy partying!

For all of these, if you’re planning to come to Belgrade for the New Year celebration, do plan your stay in Belgrade in advance and try to stay here for a couple of days longer and enjoy everything this great city has to offer. On the web site of Novi apartmani, check out the great offer of apartments, and purely from the practical reasons, we recommend the section Strict centre, where you can see some of the available apartments and make your return from a crazy night out a bit easier.

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