Toma is among us once again

Toma Zdravković is in the public spotlight once again - the last of all bohemians, a man whose songs are still favorite in all taverns and whose emotions are so intense.

Toma is among us once again

Toma Zdravković, an artist who, even 30 years after he left us, still arouses great interest. He manages to touch our deepest emotions in his songs that affect all generations with each verse – both Toma’s contemporaries, all the way to the youngest generations who also are not immune to Toma, despite this so different perception and omnipresent Tik Tok aesthetics.

This time, Toma returns to us on the movie screen, brought to life by a fantastic cast under the direction of the superb Dragan Bjelogrlić, who obviously created another iconic achievement that will certainly never be forgotten, just like his movie hero.

Just to confirm this fact, the movie "Toma" was already watched by more than 100,000 viewers in the first week of its screening.

This biopic crafted by the director and actor Dragan Bjelogrlić follows the personal ups and downs of one of the greatest singers, bohemians and artists of the former Yugoslavia, who was brilliantly portrayed by the actor Milan Marić.

In addition to this fantastic actor, in the roles of those who were an important part of Toma's life, we can see Tamara Dragičević as Silvana Armenulić, Petar Benčina as Toma's doctor and friend, Milan Kolak as Novica Zdravković, Sanja Marković as Goca Zdravković, and there are also Mirjana Karanović and Slobodan Boda Ninković in the role of Toma's parents.

The first reactions of both the audience and the people from the industry confirm the immense success of the film, but also the neverending and well-deserved glory of Toma Zdravković. Namely, the movie was greeted with a thundering applause on several occasions. Perhaps the most notable were the one at the Sarajevo Film Festival, and the Belgrade premiere when the audience at the Sava Center venue greeted the author and the team of actors with applause for more than 20 minutes.

We shouldn’t forget that the songs in the film were revived by Aco Pejović, who with his authentic vocals gave additional charm to Toma's songs.

You may be, or you may not be a fan of Toma’s memorable hit songs, such as "Za Ljiljanu", "Leto", "Svirajte noćas", ”Dotako sam dno života” and many others, however, we from Novi apartmani definitely suggest that you watch this spectacular movie in front of a big movie screen. This achievement has indeed succeeded in reviving the emotions that even 30 years after Toma’s premature death still exist, not only among us, but also the younger generations.

Of course, when the movie ends, head to Skadarlija, enjoy in one of famous Belgrade taverns and ask for a Toma’s song, in his honour and in honour of all the eternal emotions that exist in us.

When the night ends, relax in the heart of Skadarska street, in the apartment Heart City and start a new day fresh and relaxed!

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