What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger

It has been a year since the outbreak of the corona virus, a tiny and invisible culprit that for a moment brought the entire planet to a standstill.

What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger

According to the official non-published data of the Government of China obtained by the Chinese daily South China Morning Post, the first case of infection with the new corona virus was recorded on November 17, 2019 in Wuhan.

Since then, until the moment of writing this text, there are about 60 million people infected with COVID-19 in the world, while almost 1.5 million people have died from complications caused by this infection.

All this sounds very frightening, but if you look at the history of mankind, not even so distant one, such events are not surprising at all.
The fact is that pandemics are nothing new, and it is also a fact that microorganisms like viruses and bacteria are to be blamed for incomparably more deaths than any natural disaster, even wars. Microbes have been there since the beginning of time and they are older than people, know no borders, religion or nationality. Taken together in the history of mankind, plague, cholera and HIV have killed more than a billion people so far.

And let us not forget the smallpox, the virus against which the world's first effective vaccine was developed, back in 1796, which took 300 million lives worldwide, and this virus is still lethal today.

However, even during the Middle Ages, during the grim times of the "black death", a disease that literally devastated Europe, the Spanish fever that struck almost with the same severity on the afflicted and vulnerable population just coming out from the ravages of World War I, we proved to be fighters who will never give up in front of micro-organisms that are, though, capable of striking like the greatest and strongest giant.

We are sure the same will be with the coronavirus. The citizens of Belgrade and Serbia have proven throughout history that giving up is never an option and that life must never stop. Of course, this all requires measures of social distancing and adhering to various, and often very restrictive, epidemiological measures. We are also sure that immunization, which is very efficiently implemented in Serbia, will contribute to defeating this virus and returning life to normal as soon as possible. However, we also believe that the return to normal circumstances that we are used to will not happen soon, but that business activities and the whole life will return. That way, we will all be able to enjoy the rich cultural and entertainment life that Belgrade, the Balkan fun capital, can offer us.

Until then, we must also emphasize that Novi apartmani, despite all the problems that affected tourism, has continued to provide services to all who needed it, while complying with all epidemiological measures to prevent infection and the spread of corona virus.

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