Where to go shopping in Belgrade?

Like in world metropolises, large shopping centers increasingly dominate in Belgrade, attracting most shoppers with their rich offer and accompanying amenities.

Where to go shopping in Belgrade?

As a dynamic and growing metropolis, Belgrade is not only a cultural and historical center of this part of Europe but has also become a modern trading hub. One of the most noticeable aspects of this transformation are the shopping centers that have become an integral part of the urban landscapes of the Serbian capital. Through these shopping centers, Belgrade has gained a completely new dimension in terms of shopping, entertainment, and social interactions.

The presence of shopping centers in Belgrade is not only a reflection of changes in lifestyle and consumer habits but also symbolizes the economic and urban evolution of the city. Once dominant modest shops have given way to impressive modern complexes that have become an integral part of Belgrade's everyday life.

The first thing that attracts attention when visiting a shopping center is the diverse offer of products and services that meet the needs and desires of all visitors. Starting from well-known fashion brands, through restaurants and cafes, cinemas, and children's playrooms, to modern fitness centers, shopping centers offer a wide range of content that ensures that everyone finds something for themselves. This is not just a place for shopping, but also a place for spending free time and socializing with family and friends.

In addition to obvious practicality, shopping centers have also become centers of cultural events and entertainment. Organizing various events such as fashion shows, concerts, and exhibitions attracts numerous visitors, not only from Belgrade, directly strengthening the tourist potential of Belgrade.

Today, Belgrade has a large number of modern shopping centers. Almost every part of Belgrade has one modern center of this type. Therefore, Novi Apartmani have tried to single out 5 shopping centers that definitely deserve to be the first choice.

First in line is Delta City, also the first modern shopping center built in Serbia. Since 2007, Delta City has been a destination for all those looking for good shopping, entertainment, and gastronomy. This shopping center is characterized by a humane space with plenty of natural light where you will find a quality offer of well-known world brands, as well as a rich selection of entertainment and other services intended for all ages. The quality offer is complemented by the Cineplexx multiplex cinema with six halls, as well as an imaginative entertainment center for the youngest visitors. The variety of food offer, as well as the pleasant atmosphere of cafes and restaurants, complete the offer of the shopping center. Parking is provided for the center visitors, as well as parking spaces in front of the center within the residential and business complex Belville.

Next on our list and second in line is Ušće Shopping Center. Built in 2009 in an extremely attractive location overlooking the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, right next to the Branko's Bridge, at the entrance to New Belgrade. The shopping center offers a rich offer of the most famous brands, and with quality content, "Ušće" truly represents the center of this part of the city. Ušće also houses the Cineplexx cinema with 11 halls equipped with the most modern technology. Center visitors can try their luck at games of chance, and part of the space is reserved for fitness enthusiasts. The shopping center offers a rich gastronomic offer with numerous representatives of some of the most famous restaurant chains. The shopping center has an underground garage on two levels.

Rajićeva Shopping Center is located in the very center of the city and is named after the street where it is located. This shopping center is an ideal choice for all those who like walks through central city streets but want to shop in a modern shopping center. Rajićeva Shopping Center is a place for good shopping of famous and reputable brands, entertainment, and gastronomic pleasure. More than 15,000 square meters and over 80 premises will provide enough space for everyone, even the most demanding shopaholics. Restaurants in the shopping center offer quality food, a pleasant atmosphere, and interesting interiors. On the top floor of this shopping center is the authentic Mama Shelter hotel with a unique terrace with a spectacular view of Belgrade. Within the complex, there is an underground garage on three levels with 450 parking spaces.

BEO Shopping Center is located at the corner of Vojislava Ilića and Mis Irbijeva streets. With its 130,000 square meters spread over three floors, "Beo" is one of the largest shopping centers in Belgrade. The center also has a garage with over 1,200 parking spaces, which is a commendable comfort for all visitors. This shopping center is characterized by many open spaces, plenty of natural light, and greenery, all with the aim of providing maximum comfort for shopping and relaxation. Beo Shopping Center is a place for more than 130 globally renowned brands that are now within reach of everyone who gravitates to this part of Belgrade.

Last on the list of Novi Apartmani is the now famous Galerija Belgrade, the largest shopping facility not only in Belgrade but also in this part of Europe. This shopping center, located in the modern complex "Belgrade Waterfront" on the bank of the Sava River, covers an incredible 300,000 square meters, so it has become a kind of "landmark" of Belgrade with its appearance. "Galerija" is a kind of shopping, gastro, and entertainment destination where everyone, without exception, will find the desired content. One of the interesting features of Galerija is the fact that as much as 20 percent of the total area of the facility is intended for catering facilities, and these premises are located in the part that overlooks the Sava promenade and the river. In addition to a large number of shopping and gastronomic locations, Galerija also contains numerous entertainment facilities, among which the most modern IMAX cinema stands out, covering an incredible 4,000 square meters with a capacity of 1,700 seats. The center also has three entertainment complexes intended exclusively for the youngest fellow citizens and visitors to this shopping and entertainment complex. Due to its impressive size, Galerija is designed just like a city. So within this shopping center, there are squares and streets inspired by old Belgrade streets, so the facades, lighting, and street furniture are done in a style that is encountered in Knez Mihailova street.

In addition to the listed centers in Belgrade, there are also many other shopping centers such as Capitol Park Rakovica, "new" Mercator Centar, Stadion, Ada Mall, BIG Fashion, and many other smaller centers located both in the city center and on the outskirts, which represent shopping centers within their micro-locations.

However, despite all the positive aspects, shopping centers bring certain challenges. The establishment of these mega-complexes is often accompanied by urban planning controversies, especially when it comes to infrastructure problems, traffic jams, and potential negative impacts on smaller traders in surrounding areas. Also, the rapid pace of expansion of these centers can lead to excessive commercialization and loss of authenticity of city neighborhoods.

Whether we love them or not, shopping centers have become an indispensable part of Belgrade's urbanism, providing not only practicality and variety in shopping but also space for social interactions and cultural experiences. However, it is important to properly balance between economic benefits and preservation of the urban identity of the city to ensure a sustainable and harmonious developmental environment for all citizens of Belgrade. We hope that in the future, priority will be given to the latter.

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