Winter at Ada Ciganlija

Even during wintertime, Ada Ciganlija in Belgrade can be an ideal place for enjoyment in nature.

Winter at Ada Ciganlija

Winter is definitely a season that many either love or hate. Right now, winter is slowly but surely coming to Belgrade. For now, without snow and severe frosts, the citizens of Belgrade, as well as all guests of our capital, tend to adapt and reduce their activities. However, this certainly does not mean that enjoyment outdoors and the many benefits of spending time surrounded by nature has come to an end. We now draw the attention all our fellow citizens, as well as all guests coming to Belgrade this winter to the famous Ada Ciganlija, one of the favorite promenades of Belgrade residents, but also a place where you can enjoy an active lifestyle 365 days a year. Of course, this includes wintertime, as well.

The end of the swimming and sunbathing season at the "Belgrade sea" absolutely does not mean the end of enjoying the numerous other wonderful events that Ada Ciganlija offers during the winter period. Quite the contrary! During the winter, Ada becomes particularly charming and attractive. Just like during spring and summer, numerous catering facilities, bars and restaurants are ready to welcome their guests, and there are also numerous sports facilities that are available all year round thanks to the balloons. Tennis and football courts continue to operate as usual and both amateur and professional athletes will have ideal conditions for training and recreation. Of course, there are also increasingly popular padel courts that will be functional during the winter period, but also numerous other free outdoor courts that you can certainly use as long as the weather conditions allow.

Skiing enthusiasts can enjoy the Ski Track simulators and prepare their bodies for the upcoming rush down the mountain tracks. Also, these ski simulators will allow you to make your first ski steps. When it comes to additional winter outdoor activities, we still don’t have the exact schedule, but we expect that the ice rink will be soon installed, once the weather conditions are right.

While being fun and genuinely entertaining for all generations, ice skating is also a great sports activity to burn off those calories that piled up during the holiday season! Experts say that the average recreational skater will burn 400 calories within an hour of relaxed ice skating, while the advanced skaters will be able to burn as much as 1000 calories.

Previous years, ice skating rink at Ada was a part of the complex „Ada Winter City“ and we believe this will be the case this year, as well.

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