Zemun - a city within Belgrade

Zemun is a part of Belgrade with rich history and unique geography, with Gardos and Millenium tower and some of the finest Belgrade river restaurants.

Zemun - a city within Belgrade

Zemun is the second largest Belgrade municipality which has been an integral part of Belgrade
since 1934.

Until then, Zemun used to be a separate town in the south-east part of Srem. However, due to its
historical, political and territorial ties, Zemun was integrated with Belgrade, which lead to even
more intensive development and interference of cultural, economic and other ties in the years that
followed. Despite all these ties, residents of Zemun even today like to insist that Zemun is an
independent and unique city which is connected to the Serbian capital only in political sense of
the word. Why is this so? The evidence that prove the existence of a settlement in the territory of
Zemun date back to the Neolithic age, which is a proof that first city settlers stayed in this very
location even so long ago.

The real settlement in the vicinity of today’s Gardos area existed even before the Romans arrived,
and Zemun’s first name dates back to this period of history – Taurunum. Once they settled here,
the Slavs changed this name and due to a large number of small river houses (Zemunice in
Serbian) nearby, they named the settlement Zemun (Zemlin). It’s interesting to know that in some
old historical records Zemun is referred to as – Malevila, which implies “an evil place”. Whether
this is due to a number of murders typically associated with this area, or even the diseases spread
by mosquitos, which were plentiful here because of the river and the specific swamp soil, it is still
unknown. Anyway, the name like this sounds quite intriguing indeed.


Living in Zemun is quite satisfying and interesting for both the residents and visitors who like to
spend time here. In addition to a lot of schools, Zemun also offers a faculty, important institutes,
hospitals and theatres. With immensely rich history and unique geographical location, Zemun
really has a lot of advantages as it is located on the Danube coast, near the confluence of the
Sava and Danube rivers. Zemun is indeed a place that has it all. One of the former biggest hotels
is situated at the Danube promenade in Zemun. This is the Hotel Jugoslavia and is even today
one of the most recognisable gathering places in Belgrade.

To arrive in Belgrade for a few days without visiting the Zemun promenade or visit some of the
clubs near the Jugoslavija Hotel – this is something unimaginable. Zemun promenade offers a
whole range of restaurants, river clubs and night clubs, which is suitable for everyone’s taste.
Fantastic food, wine and other drinks, music for all generations – this is in a nutshell, Zemun
promenade for many of its visitors. Charming landscape, a view of the river, Great War Island,
Lido, are just some of the most distinctive features of this “city within a city”. The remnants of the
Old Town and the Millenium tower, the so-called Tower of Sibinjanin Janko at Gardos are
invaluable for the history and culture of this city and are definitely Zemun’s most recognisable

If you’re planning to stay in Belgrade and you also belong to a group of river lovers who prefer a
more peaceful pace of life, Zemun can be an ideal place to stay in Belgrade. And if you’reparticularly fond of river fish that the Danube fishermen deliver to the well-known restaurants in
Zemun every day, then this is the proper location that you have to select as your base for further
exploration of Belgrade. We should also mention that Zemun is very well-connected to the city
centre and almost all parts of the city.

So, before you set out, do check out what our web site has to offer in the section Zemun
and pick an apartment which will suit you best.

Novi apartmani wishes you a pleasant stay in Zemun.

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