Culinary offer in Belgrade - II part

The cosmopolitan character of Belgrade is also reflected in a vast offer of restaurants which bring us the exotic aromas and tastes of various cultures from all around the world.

Culinary offer in Belgrade - II part

The offer in Belgrade restaurants is undoubtedly dominated by traditional Serbian cuisine, and is immediately followed by the great offer of specialities of Italian and, more generally, the Mediterranean cuisine.
Whatever your taste may be, you should have no doubt that you will be served the brilliantly prepared dishes. Apart from the cuisines that we already mentioned, Belgrade offers some great restaurants, following the global trends, which prepare the authentic dishes of exotic cuisines, so varied and so different from the standard ones in terms of the ingredients, and the way of preparation, such as the Chinese, French, Mexican, Japanese, Indian, Russian, Lebanese, Spanish, Greek cuisines…
In addition to the old restaurants with great tradition, all Belgrade visitors and citizens can enjoy the vast variety of newer restaurants which offer a whole different way of food preparation and serving, modern surrounding based on contemporary interior design trends, but equally cordial staff and delightful dishes.
Some of these restaurants are located in unique and representative areas, such as „Kalemegdanska terasa“ (The Kalemegdan Terrace). Charming atmosphere located inside the gorgeous Kalemegdan fortress, the stunning view of the confluence of two rivers and the New Belgrade, along with the overall Mediterranean feeling - all this will make an unforgettable memory.
If you’re fond of unusual interior, you shouldn’t miss the restaurant “Lorenzo & Kakalamba”. Recently opened, this place is lively and offers plenty of interesting details. It’s very popular among visitors and often you will hear many foreign languages spoken here. The inspiration for the restaurant came from Italy, and the menu is an attractive mixture of Serbian and Italian cuisine. Worth mentioning is that the entire furniture dates back to ancient Venice in Italy. The furniture was hand-picked and adds to genuine extraordinary feeling. “Lorenzo & Kakalamba”is located in the wider city centre – the corner of Cvijiceva and Vladetina streets.
Speaking of originality, we mustn’t forget to mention the restaurant Little Bay, another central place, in Dositejeva street. The restaurant is a part of the chain, and it was opened after the successful restaurant opening ceremonies in London and Brighton. The place is unique as it combines the art and culinary craft. While enjoying the fantastic meals, you will be listening to string quartet concerts, opera arias, classical and evergreen music in original performance.
A number of highly popular restaurants worth mentioning are located in the Beton Hall, at the very bank of the river Sava, in the old town, under the fortress area. This part of Belgrade is called Savamala, and apart from great restaurants, the area is home to many nightclubs popular among the younger visitors, and increasingly popular art galleries. Savamala is growing rapidly supported by projects in the area of architecture, design, art and urbanism and primarily appeals to younger population and foreign visitors.
The restaurants you should definitely visit here in the Beton Hall are “Kantina de Frida”, “Komunale”, “Sakura”, “Iguana” and “Toro Latin Gastro bar”.


“Frida” offers exceptional Spanish cuisine, while “Komunale” is specialised for Italian cuisine. “Iguana” offers the international menu with the smooth sounds of jazz in the background, performed live in evening hours. The restaurant “Toro Latin Gastro bar” serves small dishes from the Latin-American cuisine. “Sakura bar & launge” is relaxing and comfortable and has a great offer of wines. The lunch or dinner in Sakura usually consists of Asian specialities prepared in a modern fashion.

If you’re fond of Asian cuisine, the city centre has some more restaurants you can go to, such as the immensely popular “W Sushi” bar in Vracar area, and the restaurant “Ebisu”, located on the 7th floor of the Square Nine hotel. Both restaurants serve Japanese specialities, and in Tresnjin cvet street in New Belgrade, you can visit the exclusive, modern and exotic Chinese and Japanese cuisine restaurant “Shangrila”.

The Lebanese food is best served in the restaurant “Hanan”, and at the weekend you can enjoy nargila and belly dancers’ performance.

If you’d like to stay near these fantastic restaurants, we recommend that you check out the offer of apartments in the city centre in the web site, and pick one that suits you best. We can recommend the apartment “Kosančić”, the apartment “Knez”, and the apartment “Zora”, which will be the oases of peace and quiet in this highly buzzing city, and at the same time, you will be located right next to fantastic culinary experiences, the ones you will remember forever.

These two texts present only a small number of restaurants which, in our opinion, are the places you shouldn’t miss. Belgrade, however, is indeed a large city which in its central and back streets hides plenty of other, perhaps, less well-known, restaurants which will also make you breathless with their offers and culinary specialities and make a lasting memory. This is why we’re also suggesting that when in Belgrade, do try and explore, all by yourself, the rich culinary offer in this city and let your senses enjoy.

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