Weekends outside Belgrade

Belgrade is entertaining and beautiful, but we all need to get away sometimes from the busy lifestyle and crowds, especially now during COVID-19 pandemic.

Weekends outside Belgrade

We all sometimes need a break and a "reset" from everyday life, no matter how entertaining and fulfilling it may be. This sounds all too familiar for Belgrade citizens who are normally used to being surrounded by plenty of content and entertainment. However, this abundance generates large crowds, stress and pollution. At a time of so many restrictions due to the coronavirus epidemic, Belgrade residents and guests of our city decide very often to spend weekends at one of the nearby picnic places such as Avala mountain, Bojčinska forest, Duboki potok area, Fruška Gora mountain. However, more and more people often opt to visit a bit more remote destinations such as Divčibare mountain and even farther, but also with much better offer – Zlatibor mountain.

Novi apartmani will now write in more detail about these two wonderful mountains.

Due to its proximity to Belgrade and Valjevo, Divčibare is also a very suitable tourist location whose capacities were underused just until recently. They are still insufficiently used, but more intensive development of this tourist area has begun. Divcibare is a gentle mountain 980 m high that has ski facilities and artificial snow systems, but above all, this mountain is perfect for long walks and enjoying the fresh and unpolluted air, which makes it a particularly suitable option for weekends and excursions for all those who are located in Belgrade.

Zlatibor mountain, on the other hand, is a tourist location that has been continuously developing for decades and has become a proper example of how to use the beauty and natural treasure in a very responsible way in order to strengthen the tourist appeal of the place. In addition to diverse accommodation facilities, ski slopes and entertainment facilities for all ages of visitors, this mountain has long been known as an air spa with a strongly beneficial therapeutic effect for many health conditions. Zlatibor is a bit further from Belgrade than Divčibare and until the highway is completely finished, this mountain is not exactly a solution for a one-day trip, however, if you have decided to use Belgrade as your base, we recommend that you take a weekend to visit this beautiful mountain. One of the new attractions in Zlatibor is certainly the longest panoramic gondola in the world, almost 9 kilometers long, where you will enjoy an incredible view of the nature of this mountain.

Given the current situation and limited opportunities to enjoy the culinary and entertainment offer of Belgrade, Novi apartmani recommends that you take some of your time and visit these beautiful mountains. The epidemiologists have also stated that spending time outdoor in nature certainly minimizes the possibilities of infection and transmission of the virus, so this fact speaks in favor of trips to Divčibare and Zlatibor mountains.

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