Apartment hygiene during COVID 19 pandemic

State of emergency is finished, the borders are slowly opening, airline transport is being launched and the life is gradually going back to normal – but we’re not at all done with everything yet.

Apartment hygiene during COVID 19 pandemic

State of emergency and mass isolation is behind us. Intercity and city public transport have been relaunched, the Belgrade cafes and restaurants have opened their doors, as well as numerous shops and shopping centers. Economy is hurrying back to the period before the state of emergency. This is also the case with tourism, the branch of economy which has been perhaps most severely affected with the global pandemic. Agencies, hotels and other tourist actors are getting ready for the summer season and are trying to get the most of the current situation. This is all also true for the service of short-term apartment renting, which now, after two months is coming back to life.

The same goes for the website www.noviapartmani.com whose comfortable, and often very luxurious apartments have started to generate interest of, above all, the Serbian, but also the regional tourists, who are anxious to see our borders open. Along side entertainment and fun, it is business that was actually affected most in the previous period, and most of business activities are done in Belgrade.

For all of this and the fact that not everything is going to be the same like it was before the corona virus, it would be useful to remind all our guests and apartment owners that it would be necessary for all of us to change our habits and introduce some new rules and hygiene procedures, in order to ensure safety of guests, in the first place, but also, the tourist workers.

What will definitely be the case is that all owners will have to make a detailed work plan and will have to change the practices so far, in terms of guest checking in, checking out and apartment maintenance. That’s why Novi Apartmani recommends to our associates to comply with all the prescribed measures of competent regulatory bodies and healthcare institutions, in order to ensure the best possible protection for themselves and their guests. Mandatory distancing is an absolute priority, including wearing of masks and gloves.

When it comes to maintenance of flats and apartments, disinfection and proper cleaning of rooms is more than mandatory. You can use all the available disinfection products and the apartment must be cleaned before each arrival and departure of guests. During the stay, if daily cleaning service is not included in the price, the proposal is for the owner to provide a sufficient amount of disinfection products in advance to his/her guests, so that they are able to take care of the hygiene and cleaning themselves.

Last but not the least, Novi Apartmani recommends that the guests should be provided with phone numbers of all competent services relevant for the corona virus, and if the emergency measure are reintroduced, such as the prohibition of public gatherings, reducing the working hours of shops and stores, and reintroducing of curfew measures, apartment owners must immediately notify their guests.

With or without corona virus, life must go no. We should be responsible and be assured that one day, this all will definitely be behind us!

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