Apartments for larger groups of guests

Finding appropriate accommodation for larger groups can be daunting both for the host and all the guests arriving to Belgrade as a part of a larger group.

Apartments for larger groups of guests

In most cases, we set out on a tourist trip with only one companion, especially if we are to cover all the costs. This may be your partner, a friend, a family member, however, the fact is that we can most easily agree on the routes and plan the trip together if there’s only one person with us (of course, provided we know this person well).

There are moments, however, when a larger group of friends is welcome and due to the number of people and common accommodation, you can indeed have unforgettable time. This kind of accommodation is typically reserved for sports events which are being organized every now and then in our capital, or for the family celebrations, such as weddings, when you need comfortable, but at the same time convenient and affordable accommodation to provide for your guests from Serbia or abroad. On the other hand, there are also certain occasions and events which require the presence of a number of people, and in these cases the common accommodation is beneficial for everyone, such as in the cases of medical treatments and interventions and post-surgery recovery period, where it’s desirable to be surrounded with friends and family and recover yourself more efficiently.

For all these specific needs and situations, web portal included in its rich offer a number of spacious apartments with several separate rooms and beds which will be very comfortable, to some extent even luxurious, for large groups of visitors.


One of such apartments is Twelve, which can accommodate a large group of guests – as many as 12. Located in the old city centre, with luxurious furnishings, this apartment is a fantastic opportunity and for only 9 eur / day the guests will be able to enjoy the luxury and comfort that can be found only in high-ranked Belgrade hotels. In our opinion, however, this large apartment provides exceptional comfort and privacy for 3 couples or 6 persons.

In the base of web site, you can find our apartment Large, a spacious and modern apartment located in the heart of Vracar which can easily accommodate up to 7 persons. The size of 100m2 offers three separate bedrooms, two bathrooms and a toilet, which is more than sufficient for a comfortable stay of a large group of guests. Another feature is the opportunity to use two parking spots, which in this part of the city is a great value.

Apartment Ambasador is one of the most interesting apartments for large groups of visitors, and can accommodate up to 8 persons. Also, Ambasador is one of the largest apartments in our web portal as it covers the area of 110m2 and three very spacious rooms settled within this saloon-style architecture from before WWII. An added value of this accommodation is its location and immediate vicinity of several embassy buildings, clinical centre, the Slavija Square, the Government building and other state institutions. The area is well-connected to other parts of the city and you’ll get very easily to the old city centre, as well as to New Belgrade, Belgrade Fair, Ada Ciganlija beach, Kosutnjak area and other interesting locations. The interior is not quite the state-of-the-art in terms of design, however there’s the affordable price, fantastic location and the charm of Belgrade from the time before WWII, as the apartment was refurbished and most of the elements were retained that date back to early XX century.

In the old bohemian quarter Skadarlija, there’s a luxurious and spacious apartment Skadarlija Lux. The area of 100m2 covers 4 comfortable and modern rooms which indeed provide genuine luxury to all guests, something you can expect only in world-renown hotel chains. Additionally, if you’re arriving by car, there’s a possibility of providing a secured parking spot. For all bohemians and genuine lovers of taverns, this apartment will be an ideal base in Belgrade and can easily accommodate up to 6 persons.

Inside a modern building in Vracar there are two “sister” apartments. These two are highly popular apartments in the offer of Novi apartmani: the apartment Marija and apartment Milica. Both are modern and tastefully furnished and reflect the lifestyle of this popular part of the city. Each apartment offers 4 separate and spacious rooms, providing full comfort to all its guests. Considering that one is directly above the other, these apartments are ideal solution for accommodation of as many as 14 persons, or in other words, 7 guests each.

On the other side of the river, Novi apartmani can offer you the same arrangement as with the apartments Marija and Milica. In the corporate Belgrade hub – New Belgrade – you can find the apartments Ušće and Ušće 2.
These two apartments are located within the well-known New Belgrade block of buildings “6 Kaplara” located immediately next to commercial and shopping centre Usce. Spectacular view, affordable price and modern interior at supreme location is an ideal combination intended to accommodate a large group of people. When combined, these two apartments can accommodate up to 12 persons. All you need to do is decide on which 6 guests are to enjoy the view of Belgrade from the Usce apartment located on 16th floor.


Last but not the least, in this unique piece of offer from Novi apartmani, you can find the apartment Čubura, a spacious three-room apartment providing full comfort for up to 7 persons. This apartment is not only modern and luxurious, but offers high amount of privacy, as well, as the building offers your own private entrance.

Ultimately, this has been our attempt to help you choose the appropriate apartment for you and your larger group of friends. However, just in case, do check the complete offer of web portal You may find something which fully meets your criteria, and if in two minds about these nine apartments above – pick any of them. We guarantee you won’t regret.

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