Apartments located near healthcare institutions

For its high-quality service and affordable costs Belgrade is becoming more and more popular destination for medical tourists.

Apartments located near healthcare institutions

In the last several years, the statistics have shown that Belgrade has recorded a significant rise of visitors. As expected, the tourists from the region are dominant, as well as the tourists from Greece and Turkey. However, the tourists from Russia and China and even Japan are also increasing in numbers. Belgrade is the centre place of their interests where they can get to know its sights and turbulent history, but also enjoy the world-known nightlife. Additionally, tourists tend to come to Belgrade as it serves them as a central destination for further travelling to neighbouring countries. Guests are also attracted by popular music festivals and other similar events which is why so many Europeans and visitors from other countries all around the world decide to stay in our capital.

However, tourism is not the only reason for coming to Belgrade. Most commonly, people come here to do business, study, visit their friends and relatives. Recently, people from across Serbia and abroad have started visiting Belgrade for one different reason and this is the medical services. It is well-known that there are so many prominent and highly distinguished doctors residing in Belgrade where the prices of medical services are much more affordable compared to the ones in the EU countries and the USA, Canada, Australia and other overseas countries.


There are more than 60 healthcare institutions in Belgrade, including the clinical centres, special hospitals, institutes, healthcare centres. In addition to these, the number of private clinics and hospitals, laboratories and medical offices is on the constant rise. The most prominent hospitals and clinics hire the best experts working with the state-of-the-are equipment, so the quality of services is admirable.
The healthcare services commonly provided to foreign patients within this so-called medical tourism are from the area of stomatology, ophthalmology and aesthetic surgery. In addition to these, the patients arrive in Serbia for more affordable cardiac operations, orthopaedic interventions, such as the artificial hip and knee replacement and certain specific interventions and treatments which have made Belgrade a highly respectable destination. Due to a world-famous team of doctors for genital surgeries, Belgrade has become a highly desirable destination for sex change surgeries. Based on the map of the so-called medical tourism, Serbia is indeed highly ranked in the field of limb extension surgeries.

Due to the high costs of the treatment, which may be lower in Belgrade but are still considerable, the foreign patients and their families in most cases decide to stay at their relatives and friends in Belgrade. However, lately, more and more patients have decided to book the apartment accommodation where their stay will not be burdensome for their hosts, and for the reason of significantly lower prices when compared to hotel accommodation. Another major advantage of apartment accommodation is the vicinity of the relevant medical institution, as the patients are able to choose the apartment located right across the hospital or medical office, and by doing so eliminate the transport costs (taxi or public transport). There is no need to further elaborate on how beneficial it is for the overall recovery of the patient to be located in the immediate vicinity of the hospital.


Let’s say you need to undergo a surgery at the ophthalmology clinic “Sveti Vid”. You’ll be able to stay in the apartment Lux,Bianco and Private, located in the very centre and right next to this famous clinic. This apartment is perfectly suitable to accommodate all the persons travelling with you, as it is intended for up to 4 persons. If you need to undertake certain medical interventions or treatment in “Bel Medic” clinic, the apartment Voždovac is located within a walking distance from this medical centre and owing to its size, the apartment is convenient to accommodate up to 5 persons, with the possibility of using 2 parking spots. If you need to visit the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Clinic Narodni Front, or you may be expecting a baby soon, and you want to be near your beloved ones at all times during this period, you can find a number of comfortable apartments near this clinic, such as the most affordable and cozy Pink and Pleasure 2, or the ones intended to accommodate larger families, such as Pleasure, Master and a spacious saloon apartment Odeon.

Therefore, if you’re looking for suitable accommodation to stay during the treatment in some of Belgrade healthcare institutions, do check out our web portal. Or, you can give us a call and we from Novi Apartmani will give our best to find you appropriate accommodation so you can recover properly and get on with usual activities as soon as possible .

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