Belgrade spa apartments as ultimate offer of accommodation

Price may be an important, but not at all the most important factor when deciding about acceptable costs, and especially when it comes to leisure and relaxation.

Belgrade spa apartments as ultimate offer of accommodation

Novi apartmani is one of the leading domestic web sites specialized in short-term rental of accommodation in Belgrade and in its database it contains an immense number of apartments with different characteristics. The apartments differ in all sorts of criteria, starting from the location, size and capacity, all the way to the level of furnishing. These characteristics also affect the final price of each accommodation.

The analysis of operations of Novi apartmani web site shows that the most overnight stays are not recorded in the cheapest apartments, but in luxuriously equipped apartments situated in locations that offer a high dose of comfort. Among them, the most prominent ones are from the category of apartments with jacuzzi.

The apartments that provide their guests with the amenities that some of the well-known spa centers in the Serbian capital could be proud of definitely attract a lot of attention. These are equally popular with both foreign guests and locals. At the same time, considering our experience, when booking this kind of accommodation, the price is never an issue of concern and is never a reason for canceling the booking.

In its offer, Novi apartmani include more than 90 lavishly equipped apartments whose amenities include a hydromassage tub, and often these may offer additional amenities that even renowned spa centers would like to have.

One of such apartments is certainly Domino 2, a New Belgrade accommodation popular among businessmen who now apart from being located in the business center of Belgrade have the opportunity to relax in a phenomenal hydromassage tub and sauna.

There is also the apartment Tesla, an apartment located near the Saint Sava temple, with a richly furnished interior - a comfortable bed, high-quality audio and video equipment, excellent internet connection and other equipment necessary for a modern business person, and of course and a superb hydromassage tub.

On the New Belgrade side, we also recommend the apartment Arena Spa, one of the most luxurious apartments in our offer. Situated in a fantastic location, this accommodation is comfortable and spacious with fantastic decoration, and attracts the attention of all our users. A bed with the size 200x200, a spacious hydromassage bathtub, superb lighting arrangement and a very rich mini bar will make sure that you forget all your problems and fully indulge in the ultimate enjoyment, which is the sole purpose of this apartment.

Apartment Afrodita is located in Šumice area, relatively close to the Belgrade downtown. In furnishing this apartment, the focus was on spaciousness, comfort and ultimate hedonism that luxurious equipment and a comfortable hydromassage tub can provide. With its affordable price, it's no wonder that Afrodita has attracted so much attention from our guests all this time.

These are just some of the apartments from our offer. Check out the remaining 90 luxuriously furnished apartments from our offer of apartments with jacuzzi tub and pick the one that suits you most. One thing is for sure, whichever you may choose, you won't go wrong.

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