Field horse riding in Belgrade

Experience a feeling of unity with nature in a special way, in the company of horses, the noble animals that will always recognize your love to them and treat you with great kindness.

Field horse riding in Belgrade

All nature lovers in Serbia may find it interesting to learn there are so many equestrian clubs and riding schools throughout Serbia, intended for all those who have much, little or no experience at all in horse riding, yet are eager to experience the moments with these animals in a special and unique way. The sense of freedom and unity with nature with the invaluable acquaintance with these noble animals as well as the acquisition of riding skills can be experienced in just a few hours. Horseback riding is very popular as a recreational sport, but is also considered as a way to reduce stress very effectively and handle the pressure of everyday life. Horse riding undoubtedly has a soothing therapeutic effect that has a positive impact on many ailments, as well as on health and the general condition of the body. In addition, these large, strong and powerful animals are known to cause in people a sense of happiness, contentment and create a need within us to keep coming back to them.

In the vicinity of Belgrade, in several attractive locations, you can find equestrian clubs that provide a field riding service for more or less experienced riders, as well as horseback stroll for everyone with no prior experience, but also for children. The guides know the trails very well, so it’s mandatory for them to follow the riders on all tours. Tours can be shorter and longer and are chosen depending on the readiness of the riders, while the horses are usually well trained and sociable.


Near Belgrade, at the foot of the beautiful Kosmaj mountain, there is a "land of horses" where you will surely manage to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city in a short time and head to a proper paradise. Although you may not have tried horseback riding so far, the hosts will provide you with a short training course and take you on trails quite suitable for your skill levels.

On the edges of the Bojčinska forest, near the river Sava, in addition to other interesting things which make this area quite worth visiting, there is also an equestrian club named after the forest itself. This club organizes various activities that include horses, such as field riding, horseback riding, horse-drawn carriage rides, but also other activities for both children and adults. Enjoying horses is intended for everyone who wants to, as well as various programs from their riding school.

When we talk about this, of course, we mustn’t forget the beauty of Fruška gora mountain. This beautiful place is intended for children, youth and adults and includes field riding, riding school and summer camp. An interesting name for this place is Šumska štala (Forest stable).

If you are unable to go outside the city, then you will easily fulfill your time and desire to ride in the very heart of Belgrade. The hippodrome is a must-see place for every horse and equestrian sports fan. It is located at the foot of Banovo brdo area, near Ada Ciganlija beach. Many Belgrade residents see this area as a natural retreat and a necessary daily dose of peace and tranquility. If you are interested in recreational riding or just want to take riding lessons or enroll in riding school for yourself or your child here you will find everything you need. The equestrian club organizes tours to the most beautiful locations of the city, which will be experienced quite differently while sitting on the back and in the company of these graceful animals.


If you’ve recognized yourself in this text, then make sure that when you next visit the Serbian capital, expose yourself to this unique experience. Before that, on the website, choose your ideal Belgrade accommodation and try to dedicate at least one day for this activity and enjoy nature and fresh air in company with noble animals, as well as with people who are just like you, passionate about horses and nature.

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