Get your ski gear ready

Did you know that you can ski in the very center of Belgrade, learn the fundamentals, but also improve the technique all year long?

Get your ski gear ready

There is hardly a sport or recreation that gathers such fanatical fans who will do anything to enjoy their passion as often as possible. However, life has once again proved to be perfectly ironic, as this sports activity requires snow, which is an almost unsolvable problem most of the year for all passionate fans of this sport from Southeast Europe.

Yet, it is not quite so! Technological developments have made it possible to prolong the ski season! For quite some time in Belgrade, it is possible to practice skiing all year round and improve the technique and prepare in time for the coming winter season. Ski track simulators on Ada Ciganlija and near the Pionir sports hall are ideal places for that. More and more Belgrade people have acquired their first skiing skills on these artificial slopes, but not only that. Numerous superb skiers maintain their shape on these trails and with the help of instructors, correct minor flaws and bring their skiing knowledge to perfection.

And when it snows, you can also go skiing in Belgrade. However, these are short trails (350m) and, depending on the season, they are equipped with a cable car. Both are located in Kosutnjak area. One is the famous Ski Trail, a place with the most beautiful view where you can see the whole of Belgrade, and the other trail is located near the Kosutnjak pool.

Of course, these tracks are here just to meet your „most urgent needs“, to practice the basics and test the equipment, so the hardened fans of this sport will at least get a part of the feeling they crave so much.

However, until Belgrade gets its first real ski trail on Avala mountain (or some other nearby mountain), ski simulators will be the best solution for learning this skill and keeping fit.
If you’re looking for proper ski feeling, any high-quality winter experience in Belgrade should include a sauna – a perfect relaxation after a hard and exhausting day spent skiing. For this reason, Novi apartmani suggest that you pick some of the apartments that we offer, and which include a sauna. Apartment Domino and Domino 2 have very affordable prices and will make you feel as if you were staying at a luxury hotel in the Alps.

Check out other luxury apartments from our offer and relax with your beloved ones and enjoy all the amenities of an ultimate spa center, regardless whether you are fond of skiing or not.

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