Ideal locations to stay in Belgrade

Novi apartmani, one of the leaders in short-term renting of apartments in Belgrade have created a list of TOP 10 BELGRADE LOCATIONS FOR TOURIST ACCOMMODATION.

Ideal locations to stay in Belgrade

So, you are planning to visit the capital of Serbia for the first time and wondering in which part of Belgrade to look for accommodation?

Some time ago, this question was easy to answer. Depending on the available budget, you would be advised to choose one of the hotels located in the city center. At that time, the city center was an administrative business center and hosted almost all popular events that were interesting to tourists and visitors of Belgrade.

However, in the last 20 years, Belgrade has developed rapidly, with so many changes taking place. The business and commercial center has almost completely moved from the city downtown to New Belgrade, while cultural and entertainment facilities have now spread to literally all parts of the capital. So now it is possible to attend major events not only in the city center, but also in New Belgrade, Kosutnjak, Vozdovac, all the way to Avala and Kosmaj areas. Simply speaking, every area and almost every Belgrade municipality has got its own attractions.

Also, when it comes to accommodation capacities, most of the city's accommodation used to be situated in the central city municipalities, as most of the hotels were located there. Nowadays, after the emergence of specialized web portals and apps, places to stay can be found almost everywhere.

Novi apartmani, one of the leaders in short-term renting of apartments in Belgrade have created a list of TOP 10 BELGRADE LOCATIONS FOR TOURIST ACCOMMODATION in order to assist all visitors to easily find a location that will be an ideal base during their stay in our capital.

One of the most popular locations lately is definitely A blok, a micro-location in New Belgrade area, situated in the business hub of Belgrade, which is why it is often the first choice for many guests who visit Belgrade for business. As it usually happens, in this "district" you can find famous restaurants that will provide an ideal environment not only for business lunches and dinners, but also for superb informal gatherings.

The location very similar to the one above is certainly the famous Belville, a complex originally built for the University Games, and today is a shopping and commercial center, whose center piece is one of the first modern Belgrade shopping malls - Delta City. In this area, modern and state-of-the-art apartments will provide a peaceful oasis for all "business people" and allow them to stay in the immediate vicinity not only of business, but also of numerous entertainment facilities situated next to Belville. Of course, the excellent connection of this area with nearly all parts of Belgrade is an additional advantage for all visitors, regardless of their interests and lifestyle.

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Generally speaking, since it is a business center that is also very well connected to the city center and almost all other municipalities, New Belgrade is a great choice wherever the apartment is located. Also, this Belgrade municipality offers superb entertainment for which Belgrade is widely known. On the New Belgrade side of the Danube and the Sava rivers, you will find well-known river clubs, which perhaps contributed the most to Belgrade becoming recognized as partying capital in this part of Europe.

When we talk about ideal locations in Belgrade, we mustn’t forget to mention Vračar, which has been recognized in the last decade as one of the favorite locations of the urban population that is fond of top catering facilities and socializing until early hours. This is exactly what many Belgrade guests will love and enjoy and will strive to compare restaurants and cafes in Vracar with those in Barcelona, New York and Paris.

Just like before, even today the strict center of Belgrade attracts numerous tourists and visitors, especially the ones who arrived at the Serbian capital for the first time. The reason is that tourists will have a lot to do and see here, above all, important historical buildings and monuments, witnesses of the turbulent history of Belgrade. There are, of course, numerous cultural institutions, such as museums and galleries with invaluable collections diligently collected for generations, but you will also be able to enjoy the diverse entertainment content that will appeal to everyone.

An excellent location for accommodation in Belgrade is certainly Slavija, the central part of Belgrade known primarily for the notorious roundabout, which has always been a nightmare for almost every driver who finds themselves in it for the first time. However, Slavija is also characterized by the fact that it is located halfway from the Republic Square and the famous Vracar plateau, while in its immediate vicinity are the most important administrative and healthcare institutions in the country.

Just like Vracar, Dorcol is the area in Belgrade which attracts the urban population eager to have good time. This time, it's not just numerous cafes and restaurants, but also clubs where you can attend some amazing parties. You may be a fan of electronic music or genuine guitar sound, we are sure that you will find something that will fulfill your evening and allow you to say that you have experienced first-hand that famous Belgrade nightlife.


Excellent connection with all parts of the city, as well as the urban style that this Belgrade municipality possesses, are just some of the reasons why Zvezdara is more and more among the most popular areas in Belgrade. For all theater-goers, this Belgrade municipality will certainly be interesting, as it is the home of the famous Zvezdara Theater, a cultural institution that has produced some of the most prominent acting stars, not only in Serbia, but in the entire former Yugoslavia. 

Finally, we have to mention the Belgrade Waterfront area, a location that represents a city within a city. This project was followed by numerous controversies throughout, however, its exceptionality cannot be disputed, and also so many amenities that cover the stretch from the Belgrade Fair to Branko's Bridge. Regardless of the lifestyle and interests, all Belgrade visitors will find something that suits them here, and upon returning to their luxury apartments, all of them will enjoy a unique view that provides a completely new perspective of the "white city".

If you choose any of the listed locations, or perhaps some of many other Belgrade areas and municipalities, we are sure that the Serbian capital will create incredible memories, which will make you always return to Belgrade.

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