Jacuzzi apartments - an attraction that never gets old

Hydro-massage bathtub has recently become one of the most popular options when looking for accommodation in Belgrade, and rightfully so!

Jacuzzi apartments - an attraction that never gets old

Anyone who is engaged nowadays in renting of luxury apartments, or is interested in renting, or even buying real estate, will certainly include in their inquiry or offer a hydro-massage tub, and even a hydro-massage pool.

This indispensable symbol of luxury, life full of comfort, enjoyment and sexual connotations is offered by manufacturers today in all sorts of variants, shapes and sizes. In a nutshell, a spacious tub filled with moving bubbles and creating an unforgettable sense of a pleasant massage, is equipped with hydro, or aero nozzles that make the water running.

Today, except for the bathtubs, with the sizes intended for at least two or even more people, you can also find hydro-massage pools and showers. Although intended for pure pleasure, these hydro-massage tubs were actually created out of the need to improve the health and relaxation of muscles and joints due to different health disorders.

So, the need to create hydro-massage bathtubs leads us to the initial creator of this luxury item and universal object of desire. It is quite reasonable that in the general population, the common term for the hydro-massage bath is accepted – a jacuzzi tub. For those who are not familiar with the story, Jacuzzi is actually the last name of an Italian family whose one member, an American immigrant, was the original creator of this product.


In essence, it is a very simple invention in which a vacuum is created that moves water and makes the patient feel more relaxed. Having realized the potential of their invention, the Jacuzzi family very quickly began to produce and sell the so-called whirlpool tubs, and a little later they made a tub for two, as the use for therapeutic purposes quickly changed to become the source of relaxation and unique enjoyment.

Our guests often look for apartments that offer "jacuzzi tubs", exactly out of the need to spend some time in relaxation and enjoyment. That is why Novi apartmani pay special attention to this segment of the offer and that is why we have made a special section for apartments with hydro-massage bathtubs, "Apartments with jacuzzi", which is at the same time our tribute to this family and their brand which made a tremendous influence on all of us. You may say that the costs of construction and maintenance are not insignificant, however, for an affordable price you will be able to provide you and your beloved one with the unforgettable soothing effect of bubbles and pleasant warm water. Check out the great offer of Novi apartmani in this section and book the accommodation that will live up to all your expectations.

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