Marriage tourism in Belgrade

Marriage tourism in Belgrade

Say “I DO” in Belgrade 

Belgrade is a wonderful city, one of few settled at the confluence of two rivers, and as such is a mixture of East and West, traditional and modern. Belgrade is a city abundant with cultural history, friendly people and good entertainment, the city you’ll never feel bored in. This is what our guests say.
Belgrade, however, is a romantic city as well, and that’s why a number of tourists wishing to spend their honeymoon and even say the famous “I do” in Belgrade is on a constant rise. Can you imagine anything as charming as that?
The majority of tourists arriving in Belgrade to step into wedlock are from Turkey. A significant rise was recorded in the number of guests from Turkey who visited Belgrade last year. And indeed, a lot of them stayed in the apartments provided by our agency Novi Apartmani.
You’ll admit that this king of “marriage tourism” comes as highly interesting one and not so common. Feeling flattered, we asked ourselves why Belgrade is their choice.
Below are some of the most important reasons why the couples from Turkey decide to say “I do” right in Belgrade:

  • • No visa requirement for Serbia;
  • •Marriage procedure in Serbia is facilitated (all legal matters relating to wedding are done by the embassy of Turkey);
  • •A great similarities between the cultures and customs (similar wedding ceremony, music and food);
  • •Wedding organisation costs are up to three times lower than in Turkey (this includes renting the restaurant, music and food);
  • •Accommodation and wedding organisation is on a very high level;
  • • At least two flights (1,5 hours long) between Istanbul and Belgrade each day.

Young people in Turkey are becoming more inclined to the western culture, and prefer a more intimate wedding ceremony, which appears impossible at home. Weddings in Turkey, as they say, may last up to 3 days, and the number of guests tends to be very high, as it is customary to invite all your relatives, friends and acquaintances. Their arrival in Serbia is seen as an opportunity to get married within a close circle of friends and to spend this day feeling carefree, at the same time providing the unforgettable experience to their guests.

What can Novi Apartmani offer to the newly-weds?

We can offer excellent, modern and comfortable accommodation in line with world-class standards and significantly lower prices to all the couples wishing to spend the most important day in their lives in Belgrade, or to all those wishing to spend their honeymoon in our capital.

In our extensive offer, we have the apartments which will turn the dreams of all newly-weds into reality and whose interior is considered a top class. The tastes vary, so the only question is what the guests may find appealing, and what their criteria are when choosing the apartment where they will spend the most exciting and enjoyable days in their lives.


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