Medical tourism in Belgrade

Because of its high quality medical professionals and affordable costs, Belgrade is more and more becoming the first choice for the patients all around the world, who wish to have their health problem

Medical tourism in Belgrade

Medical tourism in Serbia has a 160-year long tradition. Early beginnings of medical tourism date back to late 19th century, when people from all parts of Europe used to come to Selters spa, Vrsac and other, then well-known destinations for treatment and rehabilitation in Serbia.

Lately, Serbia has been ranked high among the countries offering this type of tourism, and due to its high-quality service and low treatment costs, patients from across the Europe – Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany – are arriving in greater numbers than ever. It’s not unusual to see, however, the patients from overseas countries arriving to Belgrade, as well.

More and more people are now willing to go abroad to undergo a surgery, normally performed in their own countries. Apart from the quality of service, one of the key factors for such decision is also the costs of medical treatments and interventions, which, even with all the travel expenses included, is still lower than similar treatments in their home countries. Also, this type of tourism is more practical, as the entire process takes less time and patients are not forced to take time off their work for performing the tests and examinations, which also involves reducing the unnecessary bureaucracy. Generally, most interventions performed within the medical tourism tend to last no more than 3 days. This type of tourism is also popular among the patients who, due to long waiting lists and insufficient capacities in their home countries, need to wait for their intervention for a longer period of time. These patients, therefore, decide to go to some other destination where such intervention will be provided immediately.

Earlier, typical medical tourists in Serbia used to be our people living and working abroad. Today, however, the situation has significantly changed, and foreigners are more determined to travel to Serbia for medical services, as they realised that they can get the same quality at significantly lower costs for some services in Serbia.


Most common medical services provided to foreign patients are from the area of stomatology, ophthalmology and aesthetic surgery.

Apart from these, foreign patients also come to Serbia for affordable cardiovascular interventions, orthopaedic interventions, such as hip and knee replacement surgeries, but for some specific interventions, as well, which made Belgrade a highly popular destination. Belgrade is a home to a world-famous team of doctors for genital surgery, which made it a favourite destination for sex reassignment interventions. Serbia also ranks very high in limb extension surgeries.

The differences in prices are more than obvious. For instance, colonoscopy intervention costs 200 eur in Serbia, whereas the same procedure costs around 2,000 eur in Britain. The implementation of fixed braces in dentistry in Belgrade dental clinics is around 1,300 eur, while such service in Great Britain is between 2,500 and 9,000 pounds. Sex reassignment surgery in Serbia is around 3,500 eur, while the same surgery in Germany may cost around 10,000 eur, and in the USA, it may be up to 30,000 dollars. Face-lifting, one of the most popular treatments in aesthetic surgery, may cost around 3,200 eur in Serbia, while the same treatment in Germany may cost around 6,000 eur, and in Great Britain around 8,000 eur.

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