New Year is a chance to summarize the results

After significant efforts and material investments, the time has come to analyse the results on the popularity of Belgrade as the TOP New Year destination in Europe.

New Year is a chance to summarize the results

The new year holidays are nearing its end. We’ve celebrated all the New Years, two Christmases, and only the street lighting decorations and still visible new year amenities remind us that Belgrade was indeed one of the most interesting New Year destinations in this part of Europe.

Considering the funds invested and enormous effort, we all eagerly waited to hear the details about the number of foreign visitors who stayed in Belgrade during New Year holidays.

The city authorities have informed us that during the holidays around 130,000 foreign tourists visited Belgrade, which generated a profit between 24 and 30 million euros. According to this still preliminary information, the number of foreign guests recorded an increase of 20% compared to last year, which is an impressive fact and a solid indicator that high-quality and diverse offer, coupled with traditional hospitality, is actually the best recipe for good positioning of our city on a world map of tourism.

In addition to already traditional guests from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Macedonia, this year has recorded significant numbers of visitors from the neighbouring Bulgaria. Also, during one period, the tourists from Turkey were the leaders, followed by visitors from Greece, Italy, Israel, Russia, China and many other tourists who arrived independently, and not as a part of an organised group.
Due to these high numbers, the most popular locations in the city, such as Knez Mihajlova street, Kalemegdan fortress and Skadarlija street, were packed with joyful tourists from all parts of the world, with buzzing and hustle until morning hours.

Judging by the positive comments received by the guests, predominantly relating to fantastic entertainment and the New Year parties, most of them, especially the younger ones, will definitely return to Belgrade, not only during the holidays, but also throughout the year.

We in Novi apartmani have also made a recapitulation of our results during the New Year night and in the following days, so that we could better tailor our offer and improve our services. We were definitely not surprised to see a high number of guests in our apartments, and we also noticed much greater demand for specific types of apartments. Therefore, the apartments from the sections APARTMENTS WITH JACUZZI, STRICT CENTRE and VRACAR were immensely popular and almost 100% sold out, so one of our primary New Year resolutions is to increase the capacities in these very locations.

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