Pets in our apartments

Despite the modern tendencies around the world, pets are not usually considered as the most favourite guests in Belgrade hotels, hostels and apartments.

Pets in our apartments

Many animal lovers do not have a grasp on the issue of most Serbian hoteliers and apartment owners, but facts such as noise, physiological needs, or simply the habits of domestic animals very often adversely affect furniture and other amenities in an apartment, and justify the sometimes very firm views of owners and accommodation managers.

As for the hotels, they very often have specialized parts of the building adequately equipped to accommodate almost all types of pets, however, the situation is a bit different with apartments. The owners of apartments usually invested a lot of their hard-earned money in furnishing a small-sized apartment. This is why the interior is very often decorated with high-end and expensive details, such as furniture, expensive mattresses, but also carpets that can be irreversibly destroyed by the arrival of our four-legged and furry friends. They are not to blame, because they do not distinguish between some designer pieces of furniture and cheap imitations. They will be tempted to bite both of these, with equal passion. However, if you have a goldfish for your pet, we are sure that as long as they are in a watertight container, they will not pose much of a problem for the owner. What is more, in some of our apartments, the fish will kindly welcome you and, during your stay, swim around in a large and tastefully decorated aquarium, creating a very pleasant atmosphere.

As for the apartments offered by the web site Novi Apartmani, the issue about bringing your pet is normally resolved through a dialogue between a guest and an owner. Practice has shown that owners who normally have a pet, and after they’ve briefly considered the arguments of the guest and the type of pet, most often agree to host a four-legged tourist. This is why we advise that if you are planning a trip with your four-legged friend, do inform yourself in detail whether you can bring it with you.

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