Picnic areas near Belgrade - II part

Modern tourist facilities located in unique natural surrounding just outside Belgrade provide healthy environment with supreme luxury and guaranteed enjoyment.

Picnic areas near Belgrade - II part

In the previous text we’ve picked three locations just outside Belgrade that we think you definitely need to visit, no matter if you already live in this city, or you’re here for a couple of days, for business or pleasure. Duboki potok, Nautical village and Bojcin forest have the recommendation of web site noviapartmani.com for their unique natural, and somewhat untamed surrounding which fills you with peace and tranquility, in almost intact nature.

In this text we’ll also recommend three locations just outside Belgrade, but here we’re highlighting the adapted natural environment, rich in amenities where you’ll be able to enjoy without the lack of comfort you’re so used to in everyday life.


If you’re fond of nature, but still cherish the modern civilization, and at the same time you adore horses and equestrian sports, web site noviapartmani.com recommends “Salaš Stremen”, the authentic place of the culture of Srem region, located in the place Jakovo.


This salas (a traditional word for “farm”) is only 25km from the centre of Belgrade, and you can enjoy the environment of neat and tidy nature packed with recreation areas, grass areas and lovely parks ideal for the youngest visitors and carefree playing. This salas is home to authentic traditional restaurant where you can enjoy the traditional meals from Srem, and we’re sure you won’t resist.

What makes this salas special is the horse club where you can attend riding school or at least ride this gorgeous animal, and the youngest visitors of course can enjoy in riding a pony.
This salas is home to numerous events throughout the year, and aims to provide its guests with high quality time, rich in activities, and at the same time this salas is committed to promoting the cultural legacy of this region.


At the slopes of gentle mountain Kosmaj, in the village Babe, located only 50 km from the centre of Belgrade, you can find the Country “Club hotel Babe”.


Village Babe and this hotel resort were named after the Roman procurator Baebenius who lived in this area in 3. century A.D. The hotel restaurant was also named after him and the restaurant itself offers fantastic specialities of Serbian and international cuisine, prepared and served in accordance with the highest culinary standards.  

The resort is rich in amenities which will satisfy the most diverse needs of its guests. Country club Babe is an ideal location for a weekend with family, a business lunch, but primarily, for pleasant relaxation while surrounded by nature which is out of this world. This location and mountain Kosmaj are known for the specific wind rose, formed by the winds blowing from the Carpathian mountains and the Mediterranean, so the location is ideal for a relaxing holiday. The resort has great offer of amenities.

The guests can enjoy in a modern fitness zone with professional equipment, so your physical shape won’t be neglected here. There’s also a spa zone with the highest quality material, and also there’s the possibility to visit the steam bathroom, sauna and whirlpool – all these will make your spirits merry. Finally, to make the most out of this relaxation, you should pamper yourself in skilful hands of experienced masseurs who will help you to relieve yourself of stress and tension.

Within the Country Club hotel Babe there are two outdoor swimming pools, futsal pitch, two tennis courts, basketball, handball and volleyball courts, beach volley court, running tracks and walking paths, lake for recreational fishing, paddock and paths for horse riding and the attention of all visitors is drawn by the stable with pedigree horses also located within this resort. If you’re fond of active holidays, surrounded by luxurious and modern environment, web site noviapartmani.com recommends that you visit this resort and spend at least one day here. If you decide to stay overnight, don’t worry, as within this country club there’s a hotel with more than 30 rooms, 2 studios, 6 apartments and almost 30 separate villas. Pure enjoyment!


Only 30km from the Belgrade centre, behind Avala mountain and near the lake Tresnja, there’s a truly unique house overlooking the mountain Kosmaj. This accommodation is exclusively offered by web site noviapartmani.com . This is “Livada Biz”, estate, made for one purpose only – providing its guests with unparalleled enjoyment in peace and quiet, hidden from other people, with the luxury than can be matched only by the well-known Country Club.

Livada Biz is an estate which stretches for almost 2ha and in addition to the comfortable villa, the estate offers different recreation facilities, such as basketball court, tennis court, and a large outdoor swimming pool. In the immediate vicinity is the forest ideal for mountain bike and pleasant strolls in deep shade, while enjoying the birdsong carried by the light breeze down the valley.

The villa can easily accommodate 12 adult persons and provide them with supreme comfort throughout the year. TV set is the only thing you won’t find here as it doesn’t fit in the whole concept of this kind of holiday. However, being familiar with the modern trends and needs, the villa provides quality Wi-Fi.

If you need a place for relaxation and recreation, team buildings, seminars, celebrations, or you’d just like to wander off with your best buddies outside the city for a weekend for pure enjoyment in nature, Livada Biz is a perfect place for you. This accommodation is exclusively offered by web site noviapartmani.com. Check out our web site and book your own oasis of peace just outside Belgrade.

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