Private apartments and accommodation in Belgrade

More and more tourists are choosing to stay in some of numerous apartments during their visit to Belgrade.

Private apartments and accommodation in Belgrade

Belgrade is on a constant rise of overnight stays, both among the domestic or foreign tourists arriving here for well-known Belgrade nightlife, for business purposes or for any other reason.
During all these years, after recognizing tourism as a factor for economic development and its importance for generating so many supporting activities, the city of Belgrade has been adapting to new tourist trends by offering some new cultural, educational and entertaining events and by investing in numerous infrastructural projects, all of which is aimed at becoming as attractive tourist destination as possible. Although the number of prestigious hotels has increased in the city, Belgrade is still facing the issue of accommodation capacities, due to the discrepancy between the supply and demand.

Hotel accommodation largely focuses on business visitors who, genuinely speaking, are among the most prominent categories of visitors and to whom the price is not the decisive factor when choosing the place to stay for a couple of days in Belgrade. Other, “real” tourists are also numerous here, and this category also includes the guests arriving from other cities and towns across Serbia who are in Belgrade for different personal reasons, and who are forced to find a place to stay with their friends and relatives or to stay in a small number of affordable hotels whose golden age was decades ago. Another option is the hostels which are still below the standards visible in famous European tourist destinations.

For all of the above, the apartment accommodation in Belgrade is experiencing massive expansion and is often the number one choice of tourists, regardless of their reason for coming to Belgrade. The price is important, yet not the decisive factor when choosing the accommodation. The guests tend to pick Belgrade apartments because they would like to avoid the monotony of hotel rooms and get a first-hand experience of living in our capital.

When the future guests of our city finally resolve to stay in this kind of accommodation, there’s a nice task waiting for them – choosing the apartment which will live up to their expectations and plans. And the offer is so diverse… there are small, charming apartments in superb locations and unbelievable apartments for which we thought could exist only in soap operas.
For instance, the guests may decide to stay in the studio apartment Kosovska, a small studio located in the very heart of Belgrade, right behind the Parliament building, which provides impeccable comfort for two, at a price lower than in a middle-rate hotel.


On the other hand, all those longing for luxury and style, for whom the price is an irrelevant factor, all those utter hedonists may choose the apartment Hedonist, the accommodation categorized as the apartment only because there is no single word to describe such an amazing facility. There’s not only a Jacuzzi tub, the aroma shower, sauna and steam bath in here, but you get your own private swimming pool which really makes this “apartment” one of a kind. The guests in this apartment have only one problem – after waking up, where should I go next – the swimming pool, aroma shower or steam bath.

Apartments Kosovska and Hedonsit are a solid illustration of diversity of our offer and the opportunities that our guests have when deciding on the apartment accommodation. While planning your next visit to Serbian capital, we suggest that you check out in detail in our web portal the apartments which will live up to your expectations and needs. “Novi apartmani” is one of the leading portals for apartment renting in Belgrade and our offer has more than two hundred accommodation units of different sizes and prices. All our apartments are in excellent locations and furnished in a way that provides far more comfort when compared to hotels, at only a portion of the hotel’s price.

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