Safe adrenaline-packed entertainment in Belgrade

For all those who are always looking for a challenge, for all adrenaline addicts and those who are constantly challenging their limits, a plane jump is the right way to feel life.

Safe adrenaline-packed entertainment in Belgrade

It is only now becoming clear to many of us how easy and simple it was to have fun and how much we took some things for granted.

For those who live in big cities, there are really enough opportunities to satisfy everyone's personality and preferences. Just to put it more clearly - it used to be the case. Today, it is far more complicated as many events and many activities have been canceled due to security reasons and the pandemic situation.

The corona virus prevents us from gatherings, socializing, and made the enclosed areas very risky. Simple stroll in nature, hanging out with family members, reading and watching movies and other content online have become the most common way of having fun. But is that really enough for those who prefer to feel at least a little more adrenaline rush in their veins?

So, let us all think a little about the things we’ve always wanted to try, but didn’t have the courage. There was never enough time, courage, or even good will. Don’t you think that now the right time for that has come? Trying out some of the extreme sports would be a good idea, wouldn’t it?

For example, a plane jump (with a parachute, of course) is another word for adrenaline, happiness, excitement and a wide smile. Jumping from a plane with a parachute is not only a jumping activity, but also a flying activity. Feeling the freedom to fly and the free fall. A massive speed and excitement. Emotions that go beyond words. Unity with the sky and an incomparable breathtaking bird's eye view are simply a unique experience that will remind us all that we are alive and how beautiful and valuable life actually is.

In Belgrade, you can try a parachute jump at the Lisičji Jarak airport, on Zrenjaninski put street, where you can try a tandem jump with an instructor in several variants, with a cameraman and from a height of 3000, 3500, or 4000 meters. In addition, you can sign up for the training that is organized in several different programs depending on your wishes, which would make you a proper parachutist.

In any case, the adventure we are talking about can be summarized like this: you bought a ticket and found an available time slot to jump, which alone has already made you very, very excited. You arrive at the airport on time. After the 30-minute preparation, you get on the plane and the plane takes off. Feelings are mixed.

The flight takes about 15 minutes. At one particular moment, you will jump out. The free falling lasts for about 40 seconds or longer, depending on the altitude and takes place at a speed of 220 km / h. An instructor is up there with you. There are other paratroopers. Everything is recorded on the camera. You open the parachute and land. Feelings are still mixed, but you will never be the same again. Sounds tempting? Why don’t you give it a try?

Of course, before all of this, visit the web site of Novi apartmani and in the section New Belgrade book the apartment you like which will enable you to get easily to the airport you will later land on after „an airborne attack“. Who says that the coronavirus has canceled the entertainment? Can you think of a better way to remind ourselves that we’re alive?

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