Summer getaway in Belgrade

Villa Vista is a little tropical paradise amidst the hot Belgrade concrete jungle and exclusive pleasure during summertime.

Summer getaway in Belgrade

Another hot summer is here in Belgrade. Although this city has a number of cultural and entertaining events throughout the year so appealing to all the visitors across the globe, we do need, in times of high summer temperature, to seek an ideal getaway from boiling Belgrade streets.

And speaking of getaways, Belgrade indeed has a lot to offer. The city is rich in natural resources simply perfect when looking for shade, such as parks, forests and of course, Ada Ciganlija, the lake with a plenty of great amenities for summer relaxation. Additionally, Belgrade also offers swimming pool resorts, river houses, and naturally, hundreds of cafés where you can find a nice spot for relaxation and refreshment.


All these places will help you pleasantly overcome the struggle with high temperature in Belgrade. If you, however, are looking for peace, quiet and enjoyment in Belgrade summer, surrounded by your friends, relaxed and away from prying eyes, you won’t get such comfort in the locations we’ve mentioned above. To experience such moments, you’ll need to go somewhere exclusive, somewhere hidden, but also somewhere with a homely feeling. Web site has what you need. Our great offer of accommodation also includes Villa Vista, an idyllic house in the area of Ledine, only 20 minutes of driving from the city centre, offering a back yard perfectly isolated from the rest of the world by thick evergreen thuja trees, and fantastic summer amenities – a huge swimming pool and a separate jacuzzi area within it – the perfect spot for unforgettable summer moments.

Villa Vista offers comfortable accommodation for 4 persons who will not only be able to submit themselves to superb water enjoyment, but also spend a couple of nights and enjoy the perfect comfort, typical for all accommodation units of, with a feeling of staying in luxurious hotel. Also, if they would like to prove as fantastic hosts to their guests, following the genuine Belgrade hospitality, this is also possible in this great villa and the visitors will be able to enjoy the summer atmosphere with their guests in this captivating villa. The maximum day capacity of the villa is 12 persons, which, in our opinion, is quite sufficient to have a nice day spent in this stunning environment.


Ultimately, if we forget for a moment about the current tropical temperature, we want to note that Villa Vista also offers a fantastic sauna, so the true lovers of this kind of relaxation will find their own way to enjoy the day. Don’t get us wrong, but, would still recommend that you take a cold drink, find a place in a sunbed by the pool and enjoy quietly the Belgrade summer. Leave the sauna for some cold winter days, as this fantastic villa will be available during these periods as well.

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