Summer swimming season in belgrade officially opened

Belgrade does not have sea, however, it does offer numerous perfect locations for you to cool off, spend some time with your friends and enjoy the charms of water and water sports.

Summer swimming season in belgrade officially opened

Summer is finally here, as well as the heat wave that just tempts us to dive into one of the nearby swimming pools. That's why we were all happy hearing that the summer season at swimming pools has officially opened in Belgrade. With Ada Ciganlija beach, through numerous swimming pool complexes in Belgrade, organized river beaches, until the end of August, we are now officially able to enjoy the summer and find refreshment in the water. Novi Apartmani have researched the latest developments this year at numerous swimming pools in our capital to make the choice easier for all Belgrade guests, both foreign and local, and help them find the right solution.

At the „Belgrade sea“, Ada Ciganlija, the summer swimming season kicked off at the end of June when all lifeguard points became officially active and when the ambulances were reestablished all around this popular lake. The beaches are also completely prepared and all catering and sports facilities are open. This year, for the 11th time, Ada Ciganlija beach is again awarded the blue flag sign, the international guarantor of water quality and beach cleanliness.

Numerous swimming pool complexes in Belgrade also started work. Sports center "Milan Gale Muškatirović" in Dorćol, "Olimp" in Zvezdara, "Novi Beograd" (the well-known Sports Center "11 April"), "Košutnjak", "Voždovac" and "Taš" opened their doors to all the visitors. Free swimming schools for schoolchildren will be organized at all these pools, and on some days, the entrance will be free of charge for children with student booklets.

We sometimes tend to ignore the fact that Belgrade has two rivers and that the great Danube has a lot to offer in terms of summer water entertainment. In fact, everyone who is a genuine river goer, will definitely visit some of the swimming areas on the Danube.

One of the most popular swimming areas on the Danube is certainly the Lido. This beach, especially popular among the residents of Zemun, is located on the War Island. There is a pontoon bridge taking you from Zemun promenade to Lido, and, as always, the Serbian Army has already installed it this year, enabling numerous fellow citizens and guests of Belgrade to enjoy the charms of this magnificent European river and cool off during tropical summer days. Just like Ada Ciganlija beach, Lido is a fully organized beach that has all it takes for safe enjoyment in water and nature, such as drinking water, disinfection, lifeguard service and ambulance. On the right bank of the Danube, near Pancevo, there is also the Bela stena beach, and there are also numerous small river islands known to those who are true lovers of the Danube.

On the other big river, the Sava, you can refresh yourself at Ada Međica and Zabran areas, but take care of your safety, as well as that of others, because these bathing areas, although nicely arranged and very popular, do not provide lifeguard services or ambulances.

If you’re planning to visit Belgrade during these summer days, take the opportunity to enjoy the beaches of Belgrade's rivers and lakes. At the same time, if you’re looking for proper accommodation, pick one of the numerous apartments from the section apartments with jacuzzi, where you can cool down and relax surrounded by the luxury of a private spa center for the price of an average hotel room.

Enjoy the summer and the accommodation provided to you by Novi apartmani!

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