The growing popularity of Belgrade spa apartments

We may think that nowadays price comes as the dominant factor dictating the supply and demand in the market, but Novi apartmani web site has seen quite a different trend in practice.

The growing popularity of Belgrade spa apartments

Novi apartmani is one of the leading web sites for renting apartments in Belgrade and offer great variety of accommodation available. The apartments may differ in terms of their location, size and ultimately, the interior. These three features actually impact the price of each and every apartment. Worth mentioning is also that the final price will depend on other factors, as well, such as the time of the year, duration of stay, discounts or special offers, but these are all the additional features that apply to all price ranges anyway.

Despite the common view that price is the primary factor, Novi apartmani conducted a business survey and identified that was no longer the case in practice. Most overnight stays were recorded not in the most affordable apartments, but in the ones with best location, the luxurious and spacious ones which provide great amount of comfort. Among these is particularly popular the category commonly referred to as apartments with jacuzzi tub.

The apartments which are immensely popular in the Serbian capital are the ones which offer the amenities typically found in expensive spa centres. These apartments are equally popular among both the foreign and local guests. Novi apartmani staff confirmed that when booking such an apartment, the price is never an issue and is almost never a reason for cancelling the booking.

It is difficult to single out the most successful spa apartments, as there are many of them on our web site, however, few of the following ones have established themselves as the most popular.

The first in our list is the apartment Tesla, located near the St. Sava Temple which offers luxuriously furnished interior with a comfortable double bed, high-quality audio and video equipment, superb wi-fi and other amenities required by modern business people, and of course, a state-of-the-art hydro-massage bathtub.


The next one in our list is the apartment Domino, New Belgrade accommodation which is becoming increasingly popular among the business people who now have the opportunity to relax in the superb hydro-massage bathtub and the sauna, right in the middle of this New Belgrade corporate area.

Another apartment with fantastic location and amenities is the apartment One Spa. The quality of materials used, colour patterns and great attention to details make this apartment one of the top apartments that you can find on our web site.

Afrodita is not your usual apartment. It’s not located in the city centre, but in Sumice area, the part of the city known for sports and leisure activities. And exactly for this reason, while decorating its interior, the owners insisted on the feeling of space, comfort and ultimate hedonism that the luxurious furniture and comfortable hydro-massage bathtub can offer. Coupled with the very affordable price, it’s no wonder that Afrodita is immensely popular among our guests.


Arena Spa is located near Belgrade Arena and is indeed one of the most luxurious apartments in our offer. At a perfect location, comfortable, spacious and luxuriously furnished, this apartment is enormously popular among the users of our services. The bed with the size of 200x200, a spacious hydro-massage bathtub, perfect lighting solutions and a packed mini bar will make sure you put aside all your problems and submit to ultimate pleasure!

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