The recommended dose of hedonism

Hedonist and Hedonist 2, the apartments for ultimate enjoyment and unforgettable experience. Pure hedonism in its most glamorous sense. Treat yourself – you deserve it!

The recommended dose of hedonism

The pace of life may seem rather ruthless nowadays. Everyday stress, tight deadlines, traffic jams is what we’re going through every single day, at work and off-work. Can you even recall the last time you actually managed to steal some time off for yourself and your beloved ones?
These rare occasions usually occur during state or summer holidays, and these moments of enjoyment inevitably include long hours of driving and travelling to popular weekend venues or covering thousand-mile long distances to reach the desired tourist destination.
Doctors have been warning for years that the stress triggered by such pace of life is the main reason for the occurrence of many chronic diseases, in colloquial terms referred to as “the modern man diseases”.


Novi apartmani has recognised the growing need of many our guests who seek to relax in their accommodation as well, during the stay in Belgrade, and by doing so recharge the much needed energy for all the activities back at home. Based on our own experience, all of us from Novi apartmani are also more than aware that Belgrade residents as well are seeking an easily accessible oasis of peace and relaxation, where they will be able, at least for a short time, to take some time off for themselves and prepare for the upcoming period.

For, this is all the more reason to pay particular attention to its offer of luxury apartments and the apartments with additional amenities. All the visitors, depending on their criteria and budget, can choose from a wide variety of apartments with a jacuzzi in our web site. Recently, our offer in this category has become even better owing to two rather spectacular apartments - HEDONIST and HEDONIST 2. These apartments really bear their names with pride as they are intended for genuine pleasure seekers.


The apartment HEDONIST is really something unique. The guests are not renting the mere accommodation or the overnight stay, but rather, the luxurious SPA CENTRE for themselves only. Apart from the jacuzzi tub, aroma shower head, sauna and steam bath, this apartment even offers the indoor SWIMMING POOL. Despite being spacious, the apartment is intended for two persons, due to various amenities it offers. We are sure, however, that you won’t be needing anyone else for this type of enjoyment.

The apartment HEDONIST 2 is a twin brother of the apartment above, and offers almost identical amenities as its “older brother”. The only difference is that it does not have an indoor swimming pool, and instead, you can enjoy yourself inside the magnificent SALT ROOM, which also makes it unique in the offer, not only on web site, but throughout Belgrade, as well. This spacious apartment provides luxury accommodation for up to 4 persons, so it’s very practical and affordable, considering all the things said.


Both apartments are located in Zemun, the thing which makes them even more attractive – the airport is not far away, but the location is perfectly isolated from the city noise and buzzing. The well-known Zemun quay is also very near, so this all contributes to the main purpose of these two apartments – revitalisation and limitless enjoyment.

Apartments HEDONIST and HEDONIST 2 need not be rented for one or more days. There are several carefully planned renting packages for these two apartments, depending on what time of the day you’re planning to arrive and how long you’re planning to stay. Check out the offers on the web site and we’re sure that you’ll find a package that suits your needs and wishes.


Taking time off for ourselves does not mean we’re selfish, but rather, that we’re respecting our body and soul. Hedonism is not a caprice – it is the necessity of each and every modern day man, to fully revitalise so he can achieve the best possible results.

Web site wholeheartedly recommends hedonism, as much as you like, whenever you like it!

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