Time to treat ourselves

New Year's holidays are the right time to treat ourselves and our loved ones, and in these unusual times, a private SPA center might just be the right thing to do.

Time to treat ourselves

All the events related to the global corona virus pandemic have definitely marked this 2020. The pandemic has greatly affected us all, forcing us to change our habits, lifestyles, and for some of us, even to redefine our priorities. Although quite traumatic, these changes have not necessarily turned out so bad for us. Covid-19 reminded all of us what the real priorities are and what is actually the most important.

Such global situation has shown us that we can actually function without many of the things we are used to and that we take for granted.

The same goes for the upcoming New Year's holidays and winter holidays. In previous years, the common pattern of behavior in this period included all sorts of partying, both on streets and squares, as well as in many cafes, restaurants and clubs in Belgrade.

On the other hand, when the school holiday comes, we are used to packing ourselves and heading to one of the mountains, in Serbia or in Europe, looking for new ski adventures.


However, judging by the current epidemiological situation, all these carefully cultivated habits during these New Year's holidays will be radically changed.

This does not necessarily have to be a problem at all. With the help of Novi apartmani you will also be able to treat yourself and enjoy the merry atmosphere ahead of us. It will be completely different, though, but not bad at all.

On our website, you will be able to find a SPA center reserved just for you at a very affordable price. This exclusive accommodation used to feature intimacy and time that you can dedicate only to yourself, or share it with your loved one. However, on top of that, today, this kind of accommodation ensures absolute safety in terms of compliance with all epidemiological measures prescribed during the corona virus pandemic.

NOVI APARTMANI can offer you numerous luxury apartments in different locations, and these offer hydromassage bathtubs, saunas, salt rooms, aroma shower or even a swimming pool, and they are intended for pleasure, relaxation and refreshment. You may prefer apartment DOMINO, apartment IMPERIJA, KAPRI, BALKAN, apartment AFRODITA, or some of the unique apartments, such as Nijagara, or Hedonist. One thing is for sure – you will definitely give to your soul and body the memorable enjoyment.

Don’t let the virus defeat us! Enjoy responsibly and in the safest possible manner. Enjoy together with us!

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