Top 10 apartments in Belgrade

We’ve made a list of top 10 apartments from the offer of Novi apartmani web site whose qualities definitely deserve to be taken into consideration.

Top 10 apartments in Belgrade

Anyone who ever tried to make a “top ten” list (and everyone tried it, admit it), such as “Top ten movies of all time”, or “My top ten meals”… or just about any list on trivial and widely-known facts and things that you expect to come up with within seconds, knows what I’m talking about. Take this first example above – “Top ten movies”. So, before you set off to make a list, the first thing that comes to you is probably, “Sure, piece of cake, I’ll be done in a minute!” Then you start and immediately a cliché springs to your mind, such as “The Godfather I”, so typical for most hetero men who spent their youth in 1980s or turbulent 1990s. This is, of course, immediately followed by unforgettable “Scar Face”, as Al Pacino’s role of Michael Corleone subconsciously leads you to this universally known title where Al is given the lead role. You’ll probably have no issues to come up with the third movie on this “simple” list, however, the fourth place gets you in troubles – you’ll be indecisive, contradictory and start saying something like “why, for God sake, am I wasting my time doing this!” Then you’ll resort to your phone and start anxiously Googling and searching on IMDB the titles and actors so you can more easily make a list of notorious ten movies, without an order or ranking, because such task would be pointless… ultimately, what you get is a disordered list of top ten movies stretching over a couple of pages, full of crossed out names of actors and movies, and somewhere a few movie titles that you encircled. And you guess, this is going to be your list of top ten movies of all time, and this is what such “simple” task looks like.

I know, this has been a long introduction… however, only with such an introduction can you get a picture of what I’ve been through trying to make a list of TOP 10 APARTMENTS, offered by the web site Just like you trying to make a list of top ten favourite movies, I also thought that the list of the best ten apartments that I update and change each day was going to be a five-minute job that I could do with my left hand (and I am right-handed, you know). Alas, what an amateur mistake… That’s why I gave up ranking them and selected ten apartments which stand out from the rest by at least one criterion.

Just like the example above and the movie “Godfather”, the first apartment I had on my mind was Hedonist, such a logical choice for everyone, considering that you not only have the hydro-massage tub, steam bath, sauna and aroma shower, but YOUR OWN SWIMMING POOL, as well, where you can dive in straight from the king size bed. “Good, this was easy”, I said to myself, however, what slipped my mind at that moment was that this very apartment is the most luxurious one in entire Belgrade (perhaps in Serbia), and its price is directly proportional to what it offers. Nevertheless, I was satisfied with my choice and uttered to myself “Now, the number two”.


The second place in my list was also very logical – apartment Alonso. This is the apartment located in the very heart of the city, fully refurbished recently with the highest-quality material and brands. Also, all the details inside are very decent and tastefully hand-picked and will definitely provide ultimate pleasure for all the guests in incoming years.

The third apartment in my top 10 list is Kristal Spa, located in Vracar, unique and with not only a mini version of spa centre, but also two bedrooms, with very luxurious furnishings, just like the entire apartment. This is very rare in the offer of apartments in Belgrade, as similar apartments typically do not have a separate bedroom, let alone two of them.
I’ve come to my fourth apartment in the list and the things have started to be more complicated. However, I remembered a fantastic apartment Happiness, with modern furniture, located within the brand new and luxurious apartment in the heart of Vracar area. The ultimate choice of material and impeccable luxury all across the apartment make this accommodation high on my list, quite justly. Add a parking and garage spot, baby-friendly accommodation for families and you’ll see that this apartment is an ideal choice. So, my list got bigger. But the end was not in sight.

After some time thinking, I decided to expand my search on the website to include the areas across the river and I came across the well-known apartment Arena. It’s located in the Belgrade corporate centre, equally near the city centre and the airport, and as such is a great choice for all business travellers. This is a duplex apartment, so the guests will definitely enjoy its comfort, as the bedroom is situated on the upper floor. The whole apartment is arranged very tastefully and with plenty of details, such as the fireplace, which truly contribute to the feeling of exclusiveness. There’s a separate garage for two cars within the same building, which is very convenient and adds to the feeling of comfort.

Each of these five apartments possesses at least one particular and obvious characteristic which makes them stand out from the rest, even at first sight. And, now what? How should I single out five more among all these fantastic apartments situated in similar locations, with the same or similar structure? After thinking over and over again, I decided to include the apartment “Gentleman”. It’s been recently refurbished and it’s located in the city centre, and will be fantastic for all Belgrade guests, considering its modern interior and details. The price is highly affordable, so this apartment is a “best buy” in the web site of Novi apartmani. It undoubtedly deserves the place in the top 10 list.

Then it was time for the place number seven. Meet Ruski car, the apartment whose location, luxury, interior, modern and exclusive details simply must not be omitted from the list. It’s located in Knez Mihajlova street and is ideal for both business travellers and the guests who are looking for exclusive accommodation within the central pedestrian zone. Due to its location, the apartment does not offer a parking spot, however, in the neighbourhood you can find a public garage where you can leave your car.

While looking for number eight, I again decided to check out New Belgrade apartments. So, I ended up with the apartment Domino, probably the most popular SPA apartment in the web site It offers an open-plan structure and the guests will be able to enjoy the relaxing feeling of sauna and hydro-massage tub. With modern furnishings and superior comfort, the apartment is suitable for 4 persons. My opinion, though, is that you should go to an apartment like this with one person only – your beloved partner.


The second to last place in my list is reserved for Kasina, the apartment located in the strict city centre. With its charming interior, Kasina provides comfortable accommodation for up to 4 persons, with the possibility of using the garage spot.

Finally, the last (but not at all the least) apartment in my top 10 list of Belgrade apartments is Lila Lux. This two-room apartment, with the dominant colour patterns suggested by its name, is located in Vracar and is very affordable considering the amount of comfort it provides. It can accommodate up to 4 persons who will be able to enjoy the modern details and the devices and gadgets available to all the guests. The fantastic price/quality ratio is the reason why this apartment is included in this list.

Although I invested significant effort, spent hours and got a bit frustrated while searching through the web site, my recommendation is that, in addition to these ten apartments above, you do check out other apartments, as well, on our web site. Who knows, you may find an apartment which will live up to all your criteria, and I somehow omitted it. Good luck!

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