Top 10 apartments in Belgrade in 2018

It’s already a matter of tradition for us to summarise the results for the previous year and make a list of top ten apartments in 2018.

Top 10 apartments in Belgrade in 2018

It is all too known that we in Novi apartmani are fond of making lists and competing among ourselves. This is of course, a sign that we do care about your opinion and we do try to make our offer better in the year to come, by giving to you what you need most. That’s why the beginning of a new year is a perfect opportunity to summarise everything we’ve seen and heard from you, your wishes, the best locations and most comfortable apartments. For each of our categories, there’s at least one apartment standing out from the rest and they deserve the place in our list.

Apartment Domino 2 is often mentioned in our lists. This spa apartment with jacuzzi is intended for two persons and is the prime example of the most comfortable and pleasant accommodation. In addition to the double bed, the apartment also offers the fold-out L-shaped leather sofa which can be used as an additional bed for two more guests. Jacuzzi bathtub is also intended for two persons, and we’ve written a lot about the Nordic spruce and aromas which provide relaxing atmosphere of this apartment. An important thing to note is the location of the apartment. It’s situated in Zorana Djindjica boulevard in New Belgrade, near the Fontana area and the high-way. It’s well-connected to all important location and parts of the city. Also, there’s a parking lot in front of the building, free of charge. To conclude, the apartment is ideal for you to finish all you have to do in the city and relax and enjoy in no time.


What makes the apartment Happiness the best in the category of luxury apartments? To find out, you would have to go and see for yourself. Hadži-Milentijeva street in the heart of Vracar area is ideal for each Belgrade resident and guest, as within very short distance, you’ll be able to visit St Sava Temple, other relevant historical sites and enjoy the popular and lavish Belgrade restaurants and bars. The apartment offers luxurious and modern furniture and impeccable interior. Happiness will be more than comfortable even for families with babies and the availability of garage will make your stay in the centre of Belgrade even more carefree.

Those who feel particularly comfortable when surrounded by well-organised book shelves will be excited to stay in our apartment Booky which was named after this particular feature. In our opinion, this is the best apartment offered in New Belgrade. The location is perfect, as Zorana Djindjica boulevard near the Mercator shopping centre is very convenient for travelling by car as it provides good connection with the city centre and other relevant locations in New Belgrade. Booky is intended for four persons as, in addition to the open-plan living room, the apartment also offers two bedrooms with very nice furnishing and include one double bed and two single beds. Each bedroom has a TV set.


Nice and modern residential area Belville is a special category in our list, primarily owing to its amenities, location and the overall offer. Within the area there is Delta City shopping mall, one of the most popular and visited shopping centres in Belgrade. In Belville you can also find fitness and spa centres, restaurants and cafes, medical offices, pharmacy stores, travel and rent-a-car agencies – in a nutshell, everything you need for a quality living in an luxurious area in Belgrade. The distance from Belville to the Sava river promenade can be covered on foot which makes this location even more attractive. The apartment which earned its place in our top ten list, BEGOOD is a modern two-room apartment with fantastic remote lighting solutions and low ceiling arrangements, pleasant and nice-looking terrace. The bedroom has a double bed and the living room offers an L-shaped fold-out sofa, so this apartment can be used by 4 persons in total. The comfort of this apartment is made even better with the possibility to use the garage spot, free of charge.

Apartment Bonsai is located in the residential area Blok A, the block of buildings next to Belville and Delta City. It’s situated within the walking distance from the river and a number of popular river restaurants and bars. The neighbourhood is modern and peaceful, and the building provides a garage spot for the guests. The apartment has two rooms, the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and terrace. The capacity is up to four persons, as in addition to the double bed in the bedroom, there’s a fold-out three-seater sofa. The furniture is modern, attractive and hand-picked. For all the guests who enjoy the pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere, this apartment will be a proper choice.


Vračar, as one of the most beautiful and loved Belgrade municipalities, also famous for the St Sava Temple, is an ideal location for all Belgrade guests. This is the perfect place for the afternoon or evening stroll, enjoying some of the finest restaurants and cafes. Apartment „Hram“ is located right behind the St Sava Temple, inside a new ground building with a magnificent terrace. This two-room apartment has a bedroom and a living room with an L-shaped fold-out sofa, so the capacity is up to four persons. If you’re arriving by car, you’ll be able to use the garage spot inside the building.

The strict city centre encompasses the area near and around the main pedestrian zone of Knez Mihailova street. Apartment Kasina is located across the Old Palace and is perfect for all the guests wishing to be near all the main sites in the old part of the city. Knez Mihailova street, Kalemegdan fortress, Terazije street, Slavija Square, Beograđanka building, St Marko Church, a lot of restaurants and luxury shops, galleries and other important venues are at hand. If you’re arriving by car, there is a garage available upon request, as well as a number of public garages nearby. The apartment has two rooms and is intended for four persons. The bedroom offers a double bed, and the living room has a fold-out L-shaped sofa. All the furniture and details in the apartment are hand-picked which will make your stay comfortable and relaxing.

When choosing a place to stay, an important criterion is its price, in addition to the location and comfort. In our offer, you can find a wide variety of smaller apartments with decent furnishings, at superb locations and affordable prices. In this category, the first place goes to our apartment Balkanika. The great location of Balkanska street, near the famous hotel “Moskva” and Terazije fountain will make you feel really in the heart of this city, and once you step outside, you’ll be surrounded by thousands of passers-by, tourists, foreigners and locals. The apartment has all you need for a few-day stay. The size of 18m2 fits everything: a well-equipped kitchen, new bathroom and a spacious double bed – all you need for a comfortable stay after you’ve wandered along the streets of Belgrade.

For all the guests fond of Dorcol area, the old part of the city with stone-cobbled streets where a blend of old and modern can be seen all over the place, the ideal apartment is definitely Dolcino. If you’re really keen on old cities and their architecture, and prefer to have some of the well-known streets, such as Skadarlija or Strahinjica bana really at hand, and would gladly take a tour of Kalemegdan fortress, this apartment should be among your top choices. This relatively small studio apartment with the size of 38m2 offers a nice living room with a double bed and a three-seater sofa, kitchen, bathroom and terrace. Nicely furnished and comfortable, this apartment is more than convenient for two persons.

MODA is one of our apartments which promises a lot indeed. This comfortable two-room apartment with the size of 56m2 provides a nicely decorated living room with hand-picked pieces of furniture, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen and can accommodate up to five persons. The apartment is luxurious, modern and very comfortable and first of all, perfectly situated in the beautiful part of Vracar, in Njegoseva street near Krunska street, St Sava Temple and the Slavija Square. If you feel like taking a light stroll to the city centre, Terazije and Knez Mihailova streets are only 15 minutes away.

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