Top 5 most popular spa apartments in Belgrade

Spa apartments with the highest number of stays during 2017 in Belgrade.

Top 5 most popular spa apartments in Belgrade

The end of the year is near and almost all the media houses, agencies, NGOs and other entities are presenting some statistical data, very often inaccurate, unnecessary and rather pointless. We from Novi apartmani have decided to join this increasingly popular trend and make ourselves present some, as we see it, interesting data. However, unlike most of the above organizations, the data we are presenting here may be useful not only to visitors of our portal and potential Belgrade guests, but also to all our associates, who may gain new insight and make additional effort to make their apartments the most popular at the end of 2018, or at least be a part of this short (but prestigious) list. Who knows, perhaps one day, we might even give a reward for this title, but let’s not reveal everything. What you have here is a list of TOP 5 SPA APARTMENTS from the portal which recorded the highest number of stays during 2017.

Apartment Domino


The winner for 2017 is definitely the apartment Domino which has recorded by far the highest number of stays in this year. This apartment is located in New Belgrade, inside a modern building in Zorana Djindjica Boulevard. Although It started out in mid-2016, for a relatively short period of time, this apartment has earned the admirable recognition by the visitors. In addition to the location and luxurious interior, the high reputation was gained by the SPA amenities, which include the hydro-massage bathtub and a modern sauna which guarantee the ultimate enjoyment for all the guests in the apartment.

Apartment Čikago


The second place is reserved for the apartment Čikago, located in Cvijiceva street with a parking spot free of charge. The apartment has very luxurious and modern interior, and what’s particularly striking is a hydro-massage bathtub for 6 persons, equipped with professional jet sprays and massage programmes which can be seen only in professional SPA centres. Cvijićeva street belongs to the wider central area, however, due to its superb connection with the rest of the city, the centre is only 5 minutes of driving away. All these benefits were more than enough to make this apartment highly recognized among the guests and place it in such a high position on the list.

Apartment Laguna Spa


The third position in 2017 on this list of most popular SPA apartments is held by Laguna Spa. This apartment is located in the immediate vicinity of the sports centre Olimp and Zvezdara forest, which makes it ideal for all those who want to be near the centre, but at the same time want to avoid the noise and buzzing so typical of the city centre during the day (or even the night). This is really a remarkable apartment which provides, to put it mildly, highly comfortable accommodation to all its guests. What makes this apartment stand out from the rest is the superb and the highest quality SPA environment. So all the guests will be able to use the professional Finnish sauna, and the state-of-the-art Jacuzzi hydro-massage bathtub. Laguna Spa is often visited by athletes and all those who cherish the healthy and active lifestyle. For them, Belgrade is a genuine oasis and a perfect starting point for discovering other natural landmarks of Serbia.

Apartment Arena Spa


Arena Spa is ranked fourth on our list of the most popular SPA apartments. This is a superb apartment, probably one of the most luxurious in our offer. It’s located near Belgrade Arena, in Arsenija Carnojevica Boulevard. It offers some very delicate and modern pieces of world-known furniture makers and the sauna, hydro-massage bathtub, and the double bed of enormous size – so, you know you can expect ultimate comfort. This luxury is further supported by very interesting lighting solutions, and you can really fine-tune to any kind of atmosphere you may wish. The reason why this apartment is not positioned higher in our list is the high price, but we all need to agree that ultimate quality cannot be cheap.

Apartment Afrodita


The last, but by all means not the least position is held by the apartment Afrodita, located in the area of Dusanovac. Although this is not the prime central location, this apartment is ideal for all those who are looking for a straightforward access to the highway, with only a couple of bus stops and 10 minutes as a reasonable time to get to the city centre. Afrodita is a very comfortable and enjoyable apartment which also offers you the opportunity to relax in a spacious hydro-massage bathtub perfectly convenient for two adults.
We are more than happy to congratulate to all the owners of these five apartments, and a message to all the others is that they should follow the work of these five owners and try to make their offer a bit more competitive. Who knows, perhaps next year, a tiny change in the interior or the price will make some new apartment more recognized by the guests and deserve a place in this list.

Our advice to all the potential guests is that, regardless of this list, you do check out in detail the huge offer of Novi apartmani. We are certain that browsing through our comprehensive and organized base of apartments will help you make a short list and find the apartment which will live up to your expectations.

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