Unspoiled nature near Belgrade

You may like a busy and bustling Belgrade, but sometimes you need a proper natural resort that will recharge your batteries within a day!

Unspoiled nature near Belgrade

Did you know that only 50 kilometers from the Serbian capital, you can find a natural refuge, ideal for family travel and adventures? It’s time to meet Kosmaj, another gentle and tame mountain which, due to its moderate height of 626 meters, is simply ideal for all ages.
Kosmaj offers a wealth of vegetation consisting of over 500 species of plants and fungi, and also rich forests that consist mainly of beech and oak trees, with paved paths that descend to the municipality of Sopot.

Kosmaj also offers diverse animal species. Hikers will often be pleasantly surprised when they see some larger animal species such as roe deer, foxes, and there is a great population of rabbits, as well. With the expansion of the settlement, wolves have entirely vanished from this mountain, so walkers and hikers will feel completely safe.

Kosmaj Mountain is also unique, as it is home to almost 100 sources of drinking water, which is a genuine treasure nowadays! At the foot of Kosmaj, near the municipality of Mladenovac you can find Lake Markovac, a real mountain pearl. The lake is very rich in fish and is a genuine oasis for fishing enthusiasts. However, even if you are not so fond of fishing adventures, the lake with its natural beauty will definitely provide relaxation and peace.

The fact is that Kosmaj mountain is not very rich in catering facilities and restaurants. This will be an issue for all those who are used to watching nature from the terrace of the restaurant, but at the same time, it will also be a great benefit for all those who are longing to stay in peaceful and untouched nature.

There are also two ancient monasteries on Kosmaj mountain. The first is the monastery Tresije, which dates back to 1309, and the second is the monastery Pavlovac, built upon the order of the ruler Stefan Lazarević.

If you are planning to visit Belgrade this summer and you are a genuine lover of nature and pure air, Novi apartmani wholeheartedly recommend that you definitely pay a visit to the Kosmaj Mountain. Kosmaj is really a proper natural oasis, located less than 50 kilometers away from the center of Belgrade, and that fact should be taken into consideration.

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