When nature awakens in Belgrade

Finally, the reinvigorating spring season is at hand, and our Belgrade starts to rise and shine in its full strength!

When nature awakens in Belgrade

Spring in the Serbian capital is indeed a wonderful time of year. It's that time of the year when the days get longer and warmer, and the city thrives in the colors of flowers and lush greenery. Spring in Belgrade usually begins in March and lasts until May, although this year we are seeing somewhat delayed start of the favorite season of all Belgrade residents.

Probably one of the best things to do in Belgrade during the spring is going for a walk through numerous city parks. The most famous is by all means Kalemegdan Fortress, located in the city center, with its unique architecture and the spirit of the past times that runs through every bit of this ancient fortress. Kalemegdan is a perfect place for a picnic, or a relaxing stroll. Other parks that are definitely worth visiting are Tasmajdan, Topčider and Ada Ciganlija.

Belgrade markets are also a must-visit destination for all the guests of Belgrade. The most famous one is Kalenic market, offering a rich selection of fresh food, flowers, but also handmade products at any time. Kalenić market often comes to life during the evening hours, because this location often hosts the increasingly popular "Farmers Market" events where numerous exhibitors sell their handcrafted and original products.

In springtime, just like nature, the cultural scene in Belgrade awakens. Although offering numerous events throughout the year, nice weather and pleasant temperatures make the cultural scene of the city thrive, with so many various events and festivals being organized one after another. One of the most popular is the Belgrade Dance Festival, which takes place in March and April and features some of the most prominent dancers and choreographers around the world.

Overall, spring in Belgrade is a great time to enjoy city parks, open markets and cultural events, while enjoying mild temperatures and beautiful landscapes. If you’re looking to visit the Serbian capital, in our opinion spring is the ideal time. Feel free to join Belgrade local residents and many cheerful tourists and enjoy what Belgrade selflessly provides.

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